Links and news for July 19 2013 – 1

1. Indonesia: Muslims force closure of 17 churches 

Within a year, with non-existent legal pretexts, 17 house churches have been closed: these also include Catholic chapels. The islamization of the province continues , just as promised by the governor Abdullah.

2. P mail. Not just for dogs anymore. 

(If you thought you could disable your direct link to the NSA this way, you are now mistaken)

3. How sharia rapes justice. Andrew Bostom

4. French police investigate sabotage in nuclear train crash  

The state-owned rail company, SNCF, has made a legal complaint and police have opened an inquiry into the incident, which took place on 12 July, the same day as the crash that cost six lives at Brétigny-sur-Orge.

A previously unknown anti-nuclear group claimed responsibility for it in a statement sent to the regional newspaper, the Populaire du Centre.

5. Much has been made of the recent speech by Justin Trudeau and his choice of association with the Islamic Society of North America. During this poo-storm, some people noticed that the current minister of immigration, Jason Kenney, also made a very similar speech to the same organization some years ago and has not had his feet held to the fire in the same way. Until now, I have not posted on this matter as I was still thinking about what it all meant, especially as Minister Kenney’s speech was made some years ago and very likely well before the numerous revelations about their values, ambitions and associations where known to the government and because Jason Kenney has done a lot of good to reform our awful immigration system. However it has come to my attention that instead of correcting the record on his speech to ISNA, instead the government has chosen to simply remove the record of his speech from both his personal website as well as the official government record. However for those curious as to what he said, and what was public until yesterday, here is an archived copy of his speech.

6. CAIR-CAN picks new name to avoid association with the American CAIR so well linked to terror. (I guess this means they rejected my suggestion for the organization, ‘TARD-CAN’)


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  1. #4 Jihadi groups use several different group names to confuse people (like stupid politicians).

    The left has enough stupidity to do this on their own, but jihadi groups could nudge people at protest meetings and then silently bow out.

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