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8 Replies to “Allah is my Lawyer and if you do not release me, he will send a flood”

  1. Well Douglas County is in Georgia. I wanted to know where it happened.

    Police know of no motive. I assume her mind has been poisoned by racists. I also assume that she has no prospects and therefore no future, so the only way to be noticed is to hurt people and so she did it for the team.

    I she was married, had a significant other, had kids she would not have done this.

    Be honest, there is noway this woman got any loving. Not too many people can climb mountains that big or are that well hung.

    My old man grew up on a farm. He told me a cow could get too fat to be able to carry a calf to term. I suppose it is true of people too. After all, the human race is part of the animal kingdom. We thought we were different being smarter and having morality. Guess not.

  2. Here is a funny story – of course it depends on how you see things – as a shaykh from the region once said.

    Worth their weight? Dubai offers dieters gold for shedding pounds (NBCNews, July 18, 2013):
    “In Dubai, city of opulence and excess, the obese are worth their (over) weight in gold. In an effort to fight increasing obesity rates, the tiny Emirate has once again outdone the world in flashy extravagance by tantalizing dieters with a one-time offer: a gram of gold for every kilogram (2.2 pounds) lost over the course of a one-month challenge.The novel weight loss initiative has struck a chord…”

  3. This killer has a few things going in her favour:
    1. She is black
    2. She is muslim

    so the present POTUS will not find her guilty as he did Zimmerman first up, the media will not get into a contrived frenzie and the Zimmerman lynch mob will stay on the scent of Zimmerman.

    As to her “argument”: I can see a whole new line of “defence” making its way into Western courts, and – magistrates being what they are – be accepted.

  4. Unless there was some neighborhood argument or the victim uttered racial epithets (which I doubt; You have to listen to rap music to hear that), this boils down to Sahara’s search for relevance.

    Anyone that has to kill someone to be relevant is not a person worth having around.

  5. @ Rita

    If Sahara was black and Muslim in Mali she would be doing all the menial labor for the noble Arab jiahdis. you know work that is beneath them like laundering.

    That is how many Arab Muslims treat blacks.

  6. If she is trying for an insanity defense her big problem is she may convince the jury she is crazy and they will reject that from fear she would get out.

  7. She is Black, she’s a woman and she’s a Muslim.
    Allah hates Blacks.
    Allah hates women

    Black + Female + Muslim = FUCKING STUPID!

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