Links and news for July 18 2013 – 3

1. Please check this site on the French train that derailed and was looted. Police have 3 ‘youths’ in custody and appear to have covered up evidence of sabotage of the track. Also check back there tomorrow for the update. H/T Snaphanen.Dk

2. Grandmother stopped from taking grandchild to hospital by Trayvin Martin rioters.

3. It would appear that the horrible poisoning of so many children in India may not have been an act of jihad, but one of stupidity, greed, ignorance, or caste-hatred. Pick any number of them. Thank you Les for the link.

4. News reports of an attempt to smuggle over 20,000 pistols from Turkey to the Ikhwan in Egypt are starting to work their way into the Arabic press. Here is a link to a google translate. Looking forward to hearing more about this as an overt story about Turkish backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to this level would be helpful in geopolitical analysis. (I wonder if the US paid for these guns.)

5. Al-Qaeda in Syria plan its own state in the North of Syria. RT video.


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  1. #1 My father was a track maintenance man for most of his life, that joint couldn’t has separated on its own, it was sabotage.

  2. #3 Just as not every incident in the US is about race hatred even though race is still an issue, not everything in India is about “caste.”

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