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  1. Islam encourages? Looks like to me…

    Ethiopian migrants tell of torture and rape in Yemen (BBC, July 18, 2013)
    “The Ethiopian teenager survived a treacherous boat journey being smuggled across the Red Sea. But on reaching Yemen, she was kidnapped and driven at gunpoint to a mud brick house.
    She said: “They tortured other girls in front of me. They beat us and they raped us at gunpoint. I was terrified.” She is one of 80,000 Ethiopian migrants who undertake this dangerous journey every year. They hope they will find work in the wealthy…”

  2. Islam also encourages overdone make-up too, apparently. This video is produced by Harun Yahya, a Turk with a shady background. He obviously has lots of money to run his several flashy websites – and publish this type of propaganda. He hates Richard Dawkins (has had a few run-ins with him, if I remember correctly), as noted by the reference here to Darwinism, which to Turks means Evolutionary Science. Yahya’s specialty is not reasoned argument, as you can see. His flashy actors here appear to be Turks, with the females in particular specializing in looking over-done.

    Yahya seems to think he can dazzle us with this grotesque video. He’s very wrong.

  3. @ WrathofKahn. Reading the BBC article I note that not ONCE is the word of “Islam” mentioned. Has it ever passed the pursed lips of the BBC in another tone than a very deferential one? The only sentence they let slip through that alerts the initiated to the fact that, indeed, it’s the “religion of peace, love and etc.” which is in the frame here…”haram”:

    “We ask to go inside but the soldier says what is going on behind the door could be haram, meaning forbidden”

  4. @ Kinnedar: “Yahya seems to think he can dazzle us with this grotesque video”

    we might not be dazzled, but we congregate at a very enlightened site, however don’t overestimate the collective intelligence of the herd…

  5. Yup, he’s amusing, even more so because it’s meant to be a serious production. Subtlety isn’t his strong point.

  6. You haven’t heard of burka make up? And you claim to be living in the 21st century?

    These brunette Arabic women can walk freely in The West without drawing any attention to themselves whatsoever – for who would find a slut attractive? Therefore, fully Sharia compliant.

    As for genetic research and space technology – Islam built that.

  7. more bizarre than taking a hit on dmt while peaking on acid whilst riding a unicorn in the stratosphere of one of the purple moons of the planet bongle in the constellation of pcp xyz

  8. The video under this one is good to


    This one saying, Michael Jackson was executed because he was about to announce he was a Muslim. Being a Muslim is the only reason why he was executed.

    On A9, only truthful and mind dependant shows are broadcasted”

    A9 is a Turkish broadcasting station

  9. Richard:

    it was done by the TV Station CHANNEL “A9? it is for real just as it was that Michale Jackson was executed for being a Muslim.

    In Syria I have been following both sides of the fight and their propaganda.

    You got the ‘rebels’ that are based around Al-Quada principles that the western counties are supporting. Then you got Assad side which is based on the ‘diversity’ of the Ba’ath party.

    The fundamentals of the Ba’ath government is based word by word taken from the National Socialists of Germany. To this day most of the supporters of Assad either hang the NAZI flag and/or believe that is a symbol of peace and ‘diversity’.

    The way I would handle it is the same way Reagan did. When two enemies fight just stay out of it or give a little help to the under dog. Choosing the better of two evils never works in the end.

  10. Kinnedar has got it right… I first came in contact with the bizarre world of a mind suffused with islam when I came across an interview with madman Yahya for the Times of Tehran.


    Since mahoundians don’t need to back anything they say with facts when they talk to their fellow mahoundians, such things as this interview and the video above don’t seem to be that surprising. It’s just too bad that, instead of ridiculing such crap, idiots working for the lamestream media actually shower praise on such nonsense for its allegedly “enlightened anti-‘islamophobia'” attributes.

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