Links and news for July 16 2013 – 1

1. Gavin Boby has spoken about the ‘parking jihad‘ as one of the early phases of ethnic cleansing that takes place once a muslim beachhead is established somewhere in a primarily non-muslim area. For many it is a hard concept to wrap one’s head around, or, can seem trivial. This may help explain it.

2. Why do muslims eat more during Ramadan? -David Wood

3. Panama tweets pictures of missiles hidden in sugar on North Korean boat busted in Caribbean. (H/T Richard)

4. Merit be damned. Lets make this about plumbing. Europe considers forcing quotas on women in the boardrooms

5. Why does the US insist that the UK play a large role in the EU?

6. Australian news does somewhat biased freport on Burma’s Buddhists because they are fighting back against Islamic aggression and manifest destiny. (H/T Winds of Jihad)

7. US authorities to be given Swedish fingerprint info (H/T Fjordman)

8. The mayor of a small French town in eastern France was arrested by police at the weekend for firing his hunting rifle at a group of youths who had confronted him after setting off fireworks outside his home.

(Let’s hope some of the ‘youths’ video taped it. This could be very revealing indeed)

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4 Replies to “Links and news for July 16 2013 – 1”

  1. #3 Castro is buying the missile parts and shipping them to North Korea, who is providing the money?

    #4 Hiring quotas are an evil that damages the people that are hired and the people hiring them. Hire the best people for the job.

    #5 Britain needs to leave the EU if they are to survive.

    #6 The media is in fine form making villains of anyone who resists the Moslems.

    #8 From these reports France is close to armed groups going into Moslem areas.

  2. The parking jihad is more easily understandable to people if explained as a tactic meant to cause Block Busting.

    Block busting is when real estate investors (or even realtors) try to get the value of homes in an area to lower- or make people fear the value will lower – so those homes can be bought up for a song. Often this was done by moving black families into the area or putting out the rumor that it was happening. Dunno if that particular cynical tactic is still done.

    The mosques in working class non muslim communities is obviously Block Busting. They choose areas where the houses aren’t at a premium to begin with.

    What Gavin Bobbey talks about, the parking jihad and other things attendies of these mosques do to local residents, like the bag of money at the door thing, is Block Busting. So that people connected to the Mosque can snap up the surrounding property at deflated prices.

    That’s how these enclaves happen. The mosques are part of a conspiracy to actively lower the values of surrounding homes so they can be bought at deflated prices.

    Bock Busting is completely illegal.

  3. #5 The US wants Britain to stay in the EU because they like dealing with the EU by proxy through the UK. It’s for their benefit.

  4. Sweden shares fingerprint info with US: Best keep a lid on your garbage, Sweden!
    Swedes travelling to the US — increasingly more likely to be named “Mo- “ than “Sven” — surely better think twice. As in fast-track to one of our many Gitmo-analogues around the world. Or capital punishment.

    Herr Law Professor’s plaint: “It could change someone’s life not being able to enter a country…” Like Pam Geller or Michael Savage?

    “… based on a suspicion that may have been wrong.” But what if we’re right?

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