Zimmerman response files.

Richard, a reader here at Vlad, was thoughtful enough to collect a series of links about reactions to the Zimmerman trial verdict.

These actions I believe are a rather concerning example of a move away from law and order and a move towards tribalism. We did not see, for example, these sort of events when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty after he killed two white people, and not in self defense but because he wanted to do so. They presented no actual threat to him whatsoever. There was however, after a person who’s rap sheet was so long it was not allowed to be read out loud in court at the trial of the police who arrested him as it would “prejudice the jury” at the trial over the Rodney King arrest. Even Toronto Canada had riots over this. I believe it was less than 2 years after the initial Rodney King arrest made so famous by a partial video shown on TV that he was rearrested for child prostitution charges, although I haven’t got a link for that at the moment.

Below are the list of links. If any of you would like to add more, please do so in the comments. Thank you Richard and all.

1. Waiter beaten

2. ‘Justice’ for Trayvon rally

3. NBC’s Al Sharpton plans protests in 100 cities

4. Newark intersection shut down by rally

5. Baltimore Sun link

6. Jogger’s attackers said it was for Trayvon

7. Protestors storm Walmart

8. Musician attacked for dedicating song

9. Reporter attacked 

10. Politicos urge calm

11. Zimmermans parents in hiding 

12. Zimmermans lawyers call prosecutors a disgrace to their profession 

13. L.A.Times: Sunday protests

14. Ted Nugent: Zimmerman verdict vindicates citizen patrols.

15. Stevie Wonder to boycott Florida over verdict.

16. Black woman explains who justice and trial by jury is old school. And the new generation has new rules.

17. More from same woman. Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker”

18. Rachel Jeantel responds to verdict

19. More sophistry and linguistic slight of hand from Rachel

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  1. As Vlad said we are moving towards tribalism with out . stoking the fires. The big question is how far down this path are we going to travel? If civilization is to survive we can’t move very far, however given the current state of racial intolerance and religious intolerance by the left we may move very far down the path that leads to a new Dark Age.

  2. 1) A Milwaukee man said he was beaten by a mob of black teens on July 7/13 because George Zimmerman was found not guilty.Christopher Simpson has broken hand, injuries to his chest, head and arms.


    2) MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A saxophone player was assaulted (hit and punched on side of face) outside the Summerfest grounds on June 26/13 by 3 Afro-American women shouting that a white girl could not play the song.


  3. http://iowntheworld.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/trayvonchild.jpg

    “Creepy A** Crackers” Should Prepare For Negro-geddon

    Al’Tawana Brawley’ Sharpton: Tawana Brawley and Media Manipulating [In His Own Words]

    The Scandal Behind the Tawana Brawley Rape Case.
    http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20099354,00.html People July, 4, 1988
    “…the rotund Rev. Al Sharpton, an admitted FBI informant widely regarded as a confabulating clown…”

  4. Great Work Richard & Eeyore.

    Although here in Oz we did not follow this story as much as you in the US, but I seem to remember that Obama declared Mr. Zimmermann guilty right from the start? If that is so, HOW DID HE GET AWAY WITH THAT?
    I have to confess, had I been living in the US, I too would have voted for Obama, if for nothing else but to prove to myself that I am not a racist (and he looked good): I would have been as wrong as the masses who probably had the same motivation. While Blacks in the US, Pakistani Muslims in the UK, Arab Muslims in Europe (Eurabia) are now far from being a “minority” any longer, many of us are still contaminated by XENOPHILIA (uncritical love of “the other”), and it is at our peril.

    Also, as far away as I am, I read something into this affair (rightly or wrongly): I seem to remember that in the beginning the Jew-haters drooled, because they thought they had yet found another “big bad Jew” – but then, as Mr. Zimmermann turned out not to be a Jew (?) they thought: a nearly white one will do as scapegoat also.

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