Links and news for July 15 2013 – 4

1. Melanie Phillips: Denial is a river in Londonistan

2. CBN: Muslim Brotherhood next great enemy?

(H/T Snaphanen.Dk)

3. Muslims in the Isle of Dogs UK are not taking to the communist agenda quite as easily as (presumably) hoped. Muslim parents annoyed that their children are being taught explicit sex-ed against parental wishes. 

4. BBC seemingly unable to spell ‘Femen’

5. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader says not to fast: You need your strength for battle.

Mohammed Badie sent out a series of tweets to Muslim Brotherhood members that since they were in a “state of jihad,” and would soon embark on a battle to bring back Mr. Morsi, they could break their fasts without violating Muslim rules regarding Ramadan, The Times of Israel reported.

H/T Taffy in Canada

6. She is on death row for a comment that Jesus Christ is not dead but that the Prophet Mohammed is dead. Pakistan is now one of the most dangerous places for Christians to live.

7. Burned in the memory: The survivors of brutal acid attacks in Bangladesh

8. Amsterdam: Police Forced to Work Overtime Shifts to Cope With Ramadan Disturbances

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5 Replies to “Links and news for July 15 2013 – 4”

  1. 6/ You can see that Muslims, fearful little shits that they are, are incapable of swallowing the truth. Jesus Christ is alive but Mohammed the big fake, died because he was nothing but a mortal man. Jesus was exalted after death, but Mohammed was eaten by worms. This is the big fat truth that Muslims cannot handle. Don’t you realize Muslims, that your prophet was nothing but a fake? He was an insecure, godless tyrant, and yet you worship him because you are, quite frankly, idiots!
    Islam is due for a serious bruising. It’s all lies and bullshit. It is destined to one day walk around a corner and get the big, fat fist of truth punching it in the face. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, and maybe not next year, but soon Islam will be dismantled and humiliated.

    Mohammed is dead, but Jesus is alive, and you Muslim bullies are about to receive the shock of your lives!

  2. Actually you can eat during the day during Ramadan, if you are a child, pregnant or sick.

    For all we know this guy could be diabetic or his glycemic index could be low. So these Muslims probably are not practicing Islam correctly. But they are practicing it like Mohammed would or how Islam typically gets practiced. In later life Mohammed became old and bitter. One such turning point is when his uncle died in battle.

  3. “CBN: Muslim Brotherhood next great enemy?”

    Good title but wrong. They have always been the enemy.

    The clip reiterates exactly what I’ve been saying for a long while.and makes a lot of points I’ve been trying to put into public conciousness for a long time.

    Al Quada IS the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood IS Al Quada. They have ALWAYS been the same.

    The Muslim Brotherhood indoctrinates potential terrorists, educates them about the general plan then they form or join terrorist organizations and work to further that plan.

    All muslim brotherhood organizations are sister organizations to Al Quada and work in conjunction for the same goals.

    ANY Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization should ALWAYS be referred to as a sister organization to Al Quada. Because they are. They know it and we know they know it.

    The non violent organizations and violent organizations only appear to be seperate for the purposes of plausable deniability. But there is a mountain of evience that shows they have always been working together – so they’re the same organization. The government can pretend they aren’t for the sake of convenience but we’re independent citizens.

    Al Quada IS the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood IS Al Quada.

  4. #1 She is doing a masterful job of telling the truth about what is going on and the lefts reaction to the foreign threat.

    #2 What does he mean next great enemy, with the exception of Iran all of our current Islamic enemies are members of the Brotherhood

    #3 We are seeing the first break between the left and the Brotherhood, others will follow.

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