Links and news for July 15 2013 – 2

1. Here is a minimalist description from German news about the rioting and attacking of German police forces by muslims. It is still more a news cast by what it doesn’t say than what it does. Something we are getting used to,  yet should not.

2. Chinese ships of war seen sailing past the North of Japan for the first time.

(H/T Richard)

3. Rape and a haircut… Eight years! Barber, Arshad Mahmood, lured a child into his cellar when he went for a trim and molested him etc. H/T EDL Buck

4. We finally have a description for the cab driver who stabbed a potential passenger to death the other day in New York. He is described as, ‘Dark skinned, possibly Mexican or S Asian’. Anyone surprised? H/T CB

5. This is a truly excellent video from Lebanese TV where a courageous and honest intellectual goes against the popular narrative with the host. It could be worse though. He could be on the CBC. This is worth the few minutes to watch. H/T Oz-Rita

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  1. #2 We can expect China to become more and more open about their aims, they want to be the only navel presence in that region, and they want anyone sailing into that region to pay a large fee for the privilege.

  2. #2 I do not know about a merchant ship paying to be able to transit the area.

    But china considers the Western Pacific to be their area/sphere of Influence. as such they want no American troops there. That would include Korea, Japan, Phillipines, SE Asia and Indonesia.

    it would be kind of difficult to evacuate citizens from a a country using the military if china is set against the military being there.

    The military has been used to evacuate citizens 2 or 3 times from Liberia. So using the military to evacuate citizens is something that has been done and will be done again.

    China fought the U.S. in Korea and Vietnam because they considered those areas to be in their sphere of influence and not in the U.S. sphere of influence.

    So the Chinese supported North Vietnam with over 1.1 million troops for the Vietnam War. 300,000 were stationed in North Vietnam which allowed North Vietnam to send practically its’ whole army south. 800,000 troops were stationed on the Vietnam/Chinese border where they could reinforce north Vietnam on short notice.

    The artillery that China sent to the Viet Minh was captured from the Americans in Korea. The American 155 howitzers out ranged the French Artillery enabling the Viet Minh effectively besiege the French a Bien Dien Phu.

  3. They have also said that they want all goods to be transported on Chinese bottoms, any others are unwelcome and would have to pay a fee.

  4. @ Richard.

    Please link that. If that is true, then it is no better or different than mercantilism, imperialism,etc.

    Usually countries reserve national carriers for freight in sider a country. I think it is called cabotage.

    If it is true and I have no reason to doubt you, people need to WTFU!.

  5. If I could have found the link I would have added it, it was in an article back during the Clinton administration. All I am finding are 2010 through 2013 articles, they may have backed off that demand or they may have decided to wait until the get control of the South China Sea before they start pushing the matter. I remember that the shipping companies were upset and Japan was pissed because well over half of their imports come in thru the South China Sea. I also remember that they started building more Navel Ships and according to some reports (they might have just been rumors) were suppose to be talking about building an aircraft carrier. Things quieted down over there after George Bush was elected.

    I am really sorry I can’t find the articles.

  6. Red always remember China wants all of the mineral resources in that region, they have bullied the Philippines into giving them some Islands, after Obama told the Filipinos that we wouldn’t support them against China.

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