Links and news for July 13 2013 – 2

1. Muslims in France took a lesson from the diverse richness of New Orleans it seems.

Muslims throw stones at emergency crews trying to rescue victims of French train wreck, then rob the dead.

An incredible scene met police officers when they arrived in Brétigny-sur-Orge. While they were trying to bring help to the victims of the derailment of the Paris-Limoges train, in which at least six people died, they had to deal with stones being thrown at them by a small group of ‘jeunes’.  At the origin of the attack: looters had come to steal from the bodies of the dead and wounded whatever they could carry away.

2. What kind of a world will we have when identity politics trumps proper Western jurisprudence? When in this anti-OK trial, a man who is obviously innocent may be convicted of murder merely because of fear of what ignorant blacks will do if he is acquitted. Much like the fear of what they might have done if O.J. Simpson was found guilty of murdering the two people he killed. I say ignorant blacks because I refer to blacks who are expected to riot and who clearly are ignorant of not just due-process but the critical importance of due-process even to their own lives, guaranteeing them important rights when they are accused of crimes as well. Florida officials set up ‘1st amendment zones’ in preparation of Zimmerman verdict. 

3. I wonder what the suffragettes would say about this. Women’s only tennis in the UK for muslim women.

4. Could genetics play a role in student achievement? Australian govt. dept. admits the unflinchingly obvious in new report, yet its a revolutionary statement. Will policy follow?

More video from the train destruction and robbery and no-go-zone behavour in France.

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  1. Indeed, we are “celebrating” Bombathon!

    Iraq bomb attack kills at least 11 in Baghdad (BBC, July 13, 2013)
    “A bomb attack in a southern neighbourhood of Baghdad has killed at least 11 people and wounded dozens more, Iraqi officials say. The explosion reportedly happened outside a Sunni mosque in the Dora area of the city. One account said there was also a cafe nearby. At least 32 people were injured, according to hospital sources. It comes a day after some 38 people were killed in a bombing in a cafe in the northern city of Kirkuk…”

  2. #4 BULLSHIT!!!!

    Effort, interest of parent’s and millieu trumps genetics. And that’s what the article actually says. It says the differences have to do with the BEHAVIOR of families and the differences of various millieus. Children from disadvantaged millieus do better when put into shcools with children from better socio economic backgrounds.

    Bellcurve nonsense should NEVER be given credence. Especially in America and Canada where people are judged on what they do instead of where they come from.

  3. For good measure.

    Ambush kills 7 U.N. peacekeepers in Sudan (CNN, July 13, 2013)
    “At least seven U.N. peacekeepers were killed and 17 others were injured in an ambush Saturday morning near their base in Manawashi, north of the south Darfur state capital of Nyala, a U.N. spokesman said. The convoy came under heavy gunfire, and fighting continued as peacekeepers were vastly outnumbered, said Chris Cycmanick, acting spokesman for the U.N. Mission in Darfur. There has not been any claim of responsibility…”

  4. @ Truthiocity

    1. The Difference between the best. the Chinese or East Asians. and Western Europe and North America is 5 points on the IQ scale.

    5 points is easily overcome with persistence, good morals & discipline

    2. The book the Bell Curve did say that IQ was going up all the way around the world.
    Let’s say a developing country dumps a Kirchner or a Papa Doc and does not get a similar replacement. I would posit that those countries would have larger increases in IQ than say Western Europe.

    For example I expect South Sudan to large increases in IQ once they get a oil pipeline thru Kenya instead of thru Muslim Sudan. the country will be more prosperous, the government ill have the ability to pay a civil service and some people who are now fighting the government will want to get a piece of the over all prosperity and will put down their arms. South Sudan will become more stable and you will see them catch up in IQ very quickly.

    I also believe people are “randy” and there is alway a mixing of genes. Ones that would select for intelligence will win out in the end. After all Jacob did win out over Esau.

  5. “Children from disadvantaged millieus do better when put into schools with children from better socio economic backgrounds.”

    Screw busing! Busing lets children of all ages become delinquents or sedentary.

    After 6 to 8 hours sitting in school who wants to sit another 1 or 2 hours on a bus?

    What we need is more Catholic schools and such. You don’t necessarily need mixing kids with those from “richer” neighborhoods.

    You ever advocates busing tell them that their job is going to be arranged that on top of their 8 1/2 hour work day, we are going to make sure they get the equivalent of busing. That is 2 or 3 hours in traffic!

    Between traffic & an 8 hour work day a person could be sitting for 1/2 the day. Andf the geniuses want to know why people are fat!

    Also busing kids makes them sit for 1/2 the day. Wonder why teachers who want an easy button wan to put kids with a high metabolism on ritalin.

  6. Red, as to your mixing races theory, nah mate, been a horn dog all my life. Only fuck my own race (And no offence who “Play away” but shit, like goes with like or Birds of a feather flock together

  7. @ EDL Buck

    No offense taken. I am secure in what I know.

    From archaeologists(a minority around 2000) pointing out that given human nature of course Neanderthals & Cro magnon got it on to observing modern day soldiers, I see that people just naturally mix. I just read an article an the American Yangtze River Patrol. What did the American sailors do? A percentage married native women. Soldier and sailors are always doing that.

    There also has been a degree of separatism or superiority to one degree or another too (From black Africans being superior to Bushmen or Danes in england being superior to Anglo-Saxons).
    I wish I had the reference on the Danes feeling superior to the Anglo-Saxons.

    My problem is when things are forced and yes some liberal “thinkers (contradiction in terms) have floated the ideal of forced marriages. The nudge being that if you want to get married, then you have to get married to a person of another race. Such a trial balloon was floated by a well meaning(?) law prof (white) from Chicago about 15 years ago and it was published in the Chicago Tribune.

    Personally I would like to see a significant number of people stay white. So many well meaning(?) liberals are concerned with every non white ethnic group or country staying pristine and yet nary a concern for Europe. That is messed up.

  8. Genetics plays a bigger role in our lives then it is politically correct to state, however environment and nurture play as big a role, the latter two can overcome genetic differences but genetic differences has a very difficult time in overcoming problems created by the environment and nurture. We need more studies by people who are not afraid to tell the truth and to investigate the non politically correct issues.

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