Links and news for July 11 2013 – 2

1. A potential solution for Islam in Europe.For this Ramadan, move them all to northern Sweden! Problem solved in about 20 days. One might think though, that if the pirate mohamed was so omniscient he would have factored in the polar areas for his followers. And one might think his followers would be smart enough to notice that his omission makes he and his sock-puppet allah less than all-knowing.

2. Photos sugest Saudis targeting Iran and Israel with ballistic missiles. 

3. Britons turn up in droves for Lee Rigby funeral. As well they should. Let this be the hinge pin around which the people of the UK force changes in policy and government.

(Maybe M can find some video?)

4. Speaking of Lee Rigby’s funeral, here is an aspiring journalist who stole the floral wreaths laid down for Pvt. Rigby and tore them up in a giddy burst of sanctimony. The lines become clearer. We can be grateful for that at least.

5. the train in Quebec which sure looked like terrorism (and could still be) seems to be more likely a grotesque error by the train-driver. However on the same day, the Boeing 777 crash in the US is starting to look like terrorism as the pilot claims to have been blinded on landing by a light from the ground.

(Video removed as I cannot figure out how to disable the agonizingly awful auto-play in their code)

6. Popular Muslim Imam: Working Towards Sharia for America

Sirhaj Wahhaj is not on the fringe. Major Muslim-American organizations put him on stage as a voice of wisdom.  […]

In 2011, popular Imam Siraj Wahhaj offered Muslims a recommendation: Don’t talk about Sharia Law because “we are not there yet.” He didn’t argue for an interpretation of Sharia that is permanently compatible with the West. Instead, he advised that Muslims be quiet for now, in accordance with the Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrine of “gradualism.”

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8 Replies to “Links and news for July 11 2013 – 2”

  1. RE #5 The investigation continues focusing on weather the brakes on the individual tanker cars were set which would have prevented the train from moving even if the air system was not functioning. Accidents don’t just happen there is always a cause , in many cases human error, carelessness, lazyness and negligence.

  2. Frank you are right, if the brakes weren’t set it isn’t tne engineer that is at fault it is the Conductor and the brakemen, but until I hear more I am still not going to say what was the real cause.

    It wasn’t very long ago when there was a post about lasers being shot at planes landing and taking off, this is looking more and more like terrorism and less like pilot error.

  3. How can you detect and record lasers being shot at an airplane besides using the human eye? That is what type detector would you need and how could you apply is to the windscreen and the nose of an aircraft.

    If we could record this electronically & continually we might see there are more cases than we thought.

  4. #1 if the sun never really sets how can you tell if there is a new moon above the Arctic circle? So how can you start Ramadan?

  5. RE #6 There is only 1 set of laws for the USA as written in the Constitution 9/17/1787 and The Bill Of Rights As provided in the First Ten Amendments 12/15/1791. Followed by State, county, and municipal laws. If these ‘pious followers of the teachings of the prophet’ desire to live under some sort of religious law or dictatorship, may I suggest that they migrate to the Islamic Paradise of their choice ASAP. Once there they will not have to come in daily contact with the ‘unholy’ and ‘unclean’ Infidel and tolerate such things as personal freedom. liberty, and economic and educational opportunity, They will have to obey the ‘religious police’ who overseen by the Imams change the rules at their whim.

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