Mumbai is our next target after Bodh Gaya, claims IM

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Hindustan times:

A Twitter account purportedly belonging to terror outfit Indian Mujahideen (IM) has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s Bodh Gaya serial blasts and also warned that the next target would be Mumbai.

More than 12 hours after the early morning blasts, a tweet by @IndianMujahidin — which claims to be the IM’s official Twitter handle — said: “9 Dhamake Humne Karay (We carried out the nine blasts)”.

The tweet about Mumbai —dated July 6, a day before the Bihar blasts — reads: “Hamara Agla Target Mumbai Hai. Rock Sago Toh Rock Lo, 7 days Left (Our next target is Mumbai. Stop us if you can. Seven days left)”.
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Four picked up in connection with Bodh Gaya blasts

The National Investigation Agency and other security agencies are probing the authenticity of the account that, according to sources, originated in Canada. “We will definitely look into who is behind this Twitter account,” said a senior NIA official.

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3 Replies to “Mumbai is our next target after Bodh Gaya, claims IM”

  1. Osama Bin Laden was paid by the Pakistan ISI to train terrorists who had the intent to carry out attacks on India so as to force India to give Kashmir to Pakistan as the result of force.

    If Osama had not been paid, Al Qaeda might have dried up and blown away.

    The ISI was responsible for propping up Al Qaeda.

    Some of these same terrorists committing acts of violence in India were trained in Al Qaeda camps or their leaders were trained there and passed on the information learned there.

  2. The ISI also helps the Taliban, they are behind most of the terror in that region, if they didn’t have nukes we would be at war with them.

  3. The ISI is a bunch of hypocrites. Pakistan doesn’t have legal euthanasia, but does have nukes. If in jihad is everything allowed, why not euthanasia? Isn’t the whole Muslim life a form of jihad?

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