Links and news for July 8 – 1

1. Doctors in Turkey say the medical community is threatened by two draft laws that would making sweeping changes to doctors and patients’ rights in Turkey.


2. UK: Devout Muslim, clutching Qur’an in court, jailed as Internet groomer rapist

3. Palestinian jihadist group claims credit for Arizona wildfire
4. (Hope not hate) Britain’s Powerful Enemies of Freedom

5. Danish opposition party shadow immigration minister states the obvious yet probably now illegal sentiment that if you are unhappy in the land you moved to, move out. (When one thinks about it, this notion which was the centre of rational and obvious thought for pretty much all of human history now could get you in serious trouble)


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  1. CAIRO – Monday July 08 – at least 51 dead + 435 wounded in bloody clashes between the Egyptian army and pro-Morsi protesters at the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo

    Conflicting reports have emerged on how the clashes started on the fifth day of a Muslim Brotherhood spearheaded sit-in at the army facility to demand the return of deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

    In an official statement published by Al-Ahram Arabic news website, the army said an “armed terrorist group” attempted to break into the Republican Guard headquarters in the early hours of Monday and “attacked security forces.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP, however, issued an official statement saying “peaceful protesters were performing the Fajjr (dawn) prayers” when the army “fired tear gas and gunshots at them without any consideration for the sanctity of prayers or life.”–Death-toll-rises-to–in-Monday-clashes-bet.aspx

  2. Re: Hope not hate; it is not only Orwellian, it is Utopian. Passing legislation about which emotions are permitted and which must be replaced by some other four letter word is fairly crazy.

    While we learn to control our reations to our emotions, we don’t stop feeling, Previously the law accepted this. Seems now that is all turned around.

    This is the problem with attempting to force the west to conform to the islamic idea that violent actions resulting from hurt feelings are the responsibility of those causing the hurt feelings, not those reacting with violence.

  3. > if you are unhappy in the land you moved to, move out.

    But they are not unhappy. An abusive husband does not beat his wife because he is unhappy with her, he beats her because he enjoys her weakness.

    The Muslims are in Denmark a) to spread Islam, and b) to finance a) by collecting jizya in the form of welfare. They are in it to win it.

  4. Thank-you, as ever Martin, for your great contributions. Those above were especially well organized.
    I’ve been skeptical watching screaming victims of bird shot, pools of blood in close-up,, and Syrian kids “caught in the cross-fire.”
    Uh, bullet casings next to bearded, bloodied, 20-somethings?
    The eloquent display of weapons demonstrates the restraint of army forces. Necessary, for sure, but too bad just the same.

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