Links and news July 4 2013 – 4

1. Lasers target military aircraft bringing home wounded troops 

The worrying statistics, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed one attack on the police helicopter last year came from the open window of a mosque in Small Heath.

2. Egyptian Islamists call for Friday protest over ‘military coup’

3. How the hell is this not a racist murder?

 Kieran Crump Raiswell, 18, from Chorlton, Manchester, was stabbed four times “without warning” as he walked in Whalley Range, on 16 January.

4. DOJ: Governments can punish homeschoolers

The agency contended parental rights to keep children free from instruction that violates faith essentially are negligible when the government’s goal is an “open society.”

(What about the parents goals?)

5. *** Gunmen Attack Sinai Airport, Military Checkpoints***

At least one Egyptian soldier was killed and two were wounded as Islamist gunmen opened fire on the El Arish airport in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and at three military checkpoints early on Friday, state television reported.

According to the report, the attackers fired rocket-propelled grenades at the army checkpoints outside the airport, close to the border with Gaza and Israel.

It was not clear whether the coordinated attack was related to the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday.

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  1. re item 3.: “He blamed voices in his head for the killing, Manchester Crown Court heard.”
    allah told him to do it.

  2. We are withdrawing our troops from Islamic countries that we have liberated. In the following years, the focus of the war will move home. Then all cuffs will be removed.

    Things are going to get very tough for the Religion of Peace in the coming years. Very very tough.

  3. The question arises, why is are Western governments so afraid of the Muslims within.

    Now in times of national emergency, war, etc., it is accepted that free speech is circumscribed, as it can harm the war effort.

    Over the last ten years, the US, UK , and the entire Western world, have been waging what can reasonably be called, a Crusade against Islam. Even installing sharia governments in place of reasonable dictatorships such as Mubarak’s, is acceptable, as a sharia government is quite incapable of running an economy. Thus the people in those countries suffer even more. This is what we are seeing in Egypt, and other countries we have liberated. Its a very high price that is being exacted from them, post 9/11.

    Part of the strategic requirements of this war requires that all Western governments vehemently deny that we are at war with Islam. We have been so successful in this objective, that we have completely neutered any attempt by Muslim countries to oppose us as a combined military or even politically. We even use their territory as bases to launch wars on an adjacent Islamic country.

    The result is that we have defeated the entire Muslim world, one country after another, destabilised the entire Islamic world, and reduced it to chaos, with minimal forces and casualties.

    Again, part of the strategic war requires that Western government do every thing in their power not to give Muslims in the West any reason to complain, or voice their discontent. If we did not do this, then Muslims will demonstrate, and quite rightly too, and there are many among us who will side with them.

    The last thing one wants when conducting war operations abroad, is to have unrest at home. Thus appeasing Muslims is policy in the entire Western world, no exceptions, as part of the general strategy of the global war.

    In this context, it is understandable why Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller were refused entry to the UK. The above two can travel to Canada, as there is free movement between the US and Canada, but no such treaty exists between the US and the UK. In a similar manner, the Schengen treaty allows all Europeans to travel within the Schengen area. Thus Geert Wilders can travel freely in the Schengen area. However, the UK has not signed the Schengen treaty, thus the government had the right to refuse entry to Geert Wilders.

    Why does the UK do this? First, it can legally do so. Second, it is for the reasons outlined. The UK is a major contributor in this global war, at the same time, it has a very large number of highly excitable Muslims in the UK.

    This may explain why the Home Secretary refused admission to Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller, and also Geert Wilders.

    But things are going to change dramatically once we have completed our mission abroad. From 2013 onwards, once our troops are back, the wind will change.

  4. #4 “government’s goal is an “open society.””

    The government is made of the people. I doubt remember a vote or a referendum on an “open society”. What is the definition of an open society?

    The government does elect representatives, but when representatives say one thing to get elected and then do another in office, then they are no longer representatives of the people and we no longer have government by the people.

  5. #1 You either lase a a target for a missile or to directly to blind the pilot to cause a crash.

    One other possibility is that they want to push the envelope to see what they can get away with. That is making dry runs saying we could not do harm so we meant no harm, so the police have to leave them alone, so people get desensitized to their behaviour, so that when they actually do something they have rehearsed and no one is likely to step in and stop it.

  6. #3 Everyone needs to learn martial arts.

    I went to a 2nd rate amusement par (not Six Flags or other recognizable name). There were a lot of Hispanics and they moved in very large groups. We kind of wondered if it was for protection. Maybe 7 centuries of dhimmitude in Spain taught them this and it has become ingrained in their culture.

  7. #1 it is a matter of time until a pilot is blinded and crashes the plane.

    #3 It wasn’t a white doing the attacking thus it can’t be a race or hate drime.

    #4 The left believes the kids belong to the state not to their parents.

  8. #4 Let me amend my remarks on an “open” society. My definition of an open society might differ from someone else’s and definitely would differ from someone like Soros.

    My definition of an open society does not include immigration without any restraint. Or praising each and every culture as being equal and interchangeable. They are not. Some are better than others. None are perfect, but some are definitely better than others, which is why so many people want to immigrate in the 1st place.

    The left is trying to change the meaning of words and using various semantic ploys. they’ll say “Who can be against an open society”? Just like in college you have to define the vocabulary of what ever field you go study. What do they mean by open? Anything goes? And the teachers are to teach that as the “liberal gospel”?

  9. #1

    Some judges will slap a miscreant on the hand for pointing a laser pointer at a plane. Those same judges would be less tolerant if they were having lasers pointed at them while driving. cycling or even walking.

  10. #1 The whole laser pointing incident reminds me of the tactic that if you are caught you say we were just goofing, we did not mean anything by it.

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