Links and News for July 3 2013 – 4

1. Radical Islamic crime gang run from jail in Australia


2. Great FOX clip on ‘islamophobia’ and even, ‘islamophobiaphobia!

3. History of terrorism in Canada. (Except that I seem to remember very shortly after 911, a bust of an Al-Qeada sleeper cell who had been planning to fly an aircraft into the Pickering nuclear plant which isn’t on this list. The story disappeared though nearly as fast as the Omar Khadr family interview where they called all Canadians fags and junkies or how the Boston police confirmed that the library was also a bomb and part of the attack then suddenly it wasn’t)

4. American Islamists Rally Behind MB Amid Egypt Protests

5. Not everyone is rejoicing in Egypt. (These men don’t like it. But their barbers do!)

Thank you EDL Buck, Richard, Yvetta, M, and everyone who sent me important material today

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  1. #1 the lady newcaster made a very good point. The left should be united with the right on Islam and Homosexuality but they are not. Why? Are we repeating history?

    This is what the Black Hand of Serbia attempted to do when they had a major problem with Islam. Rather then dealing with the ‘conflicts’ they had between the Christians and Islam they focused their attack against the tariffs that the Austrian government was forced to have Serbia pay part of the costs of the Bosnian occupation. Both of their real problem was with Muslim’s attempting religious autonomy in Bosnia.

    Austrian government wouldn’t of had to be there if it wasn’t for the three religions who should have equal rights or Austria called it ethnic problems.

    Rather then dealing with Islam they killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand

  2. Ox AO,

    “#1 the lady newcaster made a very good point. The left should be united with the right on Islam and Homosexuality but they are not. Why? Are we repeating history? “

    If you live a life… projecting hate as love… violence as peace… and you see another doing the same… are they not your friends, pigging into the same trough of corrupting children’s souls? Can you not see they have the exactly the same nature’s?

    If you do, and only if you do, (because the next sentences will have absolutely no mean to you whatsoever, so watch a movie, go to a bar or buy your girlfrien’ that piece of sparkle she always wanted…),, I’ll explain.

    The Left and the Right are on the same side. They always have. It is the sheeple in the middle that they stomp, abuse and then control to get favors and privileges to do things they want them to. Most Honorable, Worshipful, Lord, Reverend, Imam, Dear Leader are titles just to let you know they can screw you, and this pressure make their prisoners invert, to offer their loins as their identity, and doesn’t happen any… other… way.

    So you are asking The Left, The Right and The Homosexuals to pick on Islam, one of their homies that rapes a baby with a call to prayer as soon as its born… never in a month of Sundays of dancing in front of idols.


    OK, so you now know the soul of a person defines them, and the dark always stay in the dark and Islam is just another useful weapon. As easy as a Tony Blair becoming Catholic they can become Muslim; and it’s just business as usual. For a normal person it would be death, but that’s not how they deal with the imagery they play with in their minds and call life each day.

    So, if you have any Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Muslim or Homosexual Friends and you’re not one of them, you’re sitting in a secret society that has your overthrow intended. Your marriage, your family, your children, your soul will be taken. You show one glimmer of Light, and you’re history.

    And we’re back in the room.

    Archduke Ferdinand? Didn’t he like to have coffee in the morning and buttered toast, or was that his wife, must do more suduko to improve the memory, or so they say, it’s hard to know really……

  3. said, “… The Right … to pick on Islam, one of their homies that rapes a baby with a call to prayer as soon as its born Kapeesh?”

    No. right had no morals, When? As a group I don’t know anything about this.

    Persists did have sex with children and the church did cover it up. But it was a criminal act and not a way of life as it is with Islam.

    Just remember there are no ‘right wing’ in both the house or senate in the US left the last one is leaving. When I was growing up both houses were ‘right wing.’ Today over 60% of the population consider themselves ‘right wing’. I am not sure about the rest of he worlds systems.

    Other then this point I agree.

  4. Hi Ox AO,

    You will find The Far Right talk a good moral shop: God, Country, Family, Honor and so forth, almost as well as a Muslim who is the cleanest and best of all peoples, because anyone can be taught to be Good on the outside; but then they have that strange habit of putting boys in shorts into Youth Camps and Madrassas.

    There are the silent majority of Moderate Left and Moderate Right as there are Moderate Muslims, and gawd bless them everyone, for their dhimmi-votes are purchased by indignation and scaremongering, but it is this root of these evils we are discussing, the National Socialist as opposed to the International Socialist; the gorilla with his harem, or the harem with her gorillas, Mohammad or Cleopatra.

    If a population can be is reduced to their mammalian brains through Socialism, how much more effective is a person reduced to their reptilian brains where even the anus is considered viable? Starve a person of water and they’ll drink paraffin. Starve a child of affection and they’ll felch anything. These are all the hundreds of thousands of broken homes around you, breeding grounds for this nuMan. And these, will be your ruthless stormtroopers of the Far Right or the Far Left. Your Assassins.

    “No. right had no morals, When? As a group I don’t know anything about this.”

    Ignorance is nothing to guffaw about.

    I hope you know realize to look neither to the left or to the right for your answers.

  5. Fascism was left wring. Every single person that started Fascism was a loyalist to Karl Marx theory.

    Watch the soviet story it gives you a good start on how this misconception got started.

  6. The most hard core right wing in modern history (last 150 years) that I know of was the government now in Singapore. They arrested all the left wing politicians and limited speech only for themselves during McCarthyism and it still holds today.

  7. Fascism was left wing.

    No. Like Cats and Dogs they hate each other and demanded a social order quite different from the other. Yes, both as collectivist-ideologies, they will join sides to take apart the Moderates and the spoils, but when the end game is near, one will strike the other.

    But I’m writing too subtly, because I’m arguing that even a little chink in your armor will be the ruin of you.

    Say you did look to the right or left for your answers. You let someone else dictate the way you should think, hand you a belief system for across the face of the Earth that actually did appear to give us peace earth to all mankind… that is… if they all agreed to follow their method of submission. We’d all be robots shooting at the unbelievers.

    In order to actually live, you need to be looking left and right to avoid pitfalls. Because if someone’s yanking your steering wheel then you’re drifting slowly towards a cliff and no one is going to stop it. All you have is left is “Allah’s Will” or “Providence,” the missing voice that became your ‘father’ or ‘mother’ ritual prayer, that within you, would have cleared your vision.

    Only the sick have need of crutches.

    If a child comes to you having broken a window with a ball, you will know what to do and help that child to learn from the experience. For every exact same act, you treat every child differently, individually, with no Law or human legislation to interfere with this matter.

    Likewise, Judges knew once how to judge, but then their deeds became legal precedence, when actually no two cases were ever the same. And your justice system has failed, become minimal, corruptible and no longer fit for purpose.

    Left and right. Be careful of the trends you are following. Character does count. You want a person of integrity in the Oval Office, not one with an open wound infected by any minute sympathy towards the Muslim Brotherhood or a Socialist Sisterhood or both.

    Narrow is the way.

  8. It was much more then just a collectivist-ideologies that made them the same. The only difference between the Nazi’s and Communists were one allowed owning property with extreme regulation . such as price and items count controls. The other didn’t allow property to be owned. Both believed in all the fundamentals of being hard core Marxist. From government control of everything to executing 20% of the population.

    As I said there is no right wing in the US anymore thus thinking for myself is the only option.

  9. Ox AO people refuse to learn from the mistakes of history, thus they repeat the mistakes under the impression that the mistakes were because of the people implementing the actions rather then the actions.

    perfectchild the founders of fascism stated they were trying to build a Marxism that works, fascism is part of the left, it always has been and always will be.

  10. perfectchild look at people actions rather then there words, their actions telly you more about hem that the words ever will.

    PS the Modern let/liberal is the classical conservative and the modern conservative is the classical liberal, the conservatives are trying to conserve freedom and individual rights.

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