Links and News for July 2 2013 – 4

1. God-Damn Mongorian Nazi environmentalists!

2. Lars Vilks displays some of his new art and frankly, I love it.

3. Police confirm man cautioned after bomb alert at Liverpool mosque is Somalian NOT Danish

A man arrested after a suitcase was left at Liverpool’s main mosque is actually Somalian and not Danish, as police previously stated.

Merseyside Police have just confirmed that the 22-year-old man, who was cautioned and released following the incident, is in fact from Somalia not Denmark.

Two controlled explosions were carried out after the suspect package – feared to be a bomb – was left at the Al Rahma mosque, in Mulgrave Street, Toxteth on Sunday evening.

4. Obama on luxury tour of Africa while canceling 4th July celebrations for the US forces

5. Erdogan and Turkey’s rapidly accelerating totalitarianism


The bomb squad outside the mosque on Mulgrave Road in Toxteth
The bomb squad outside the mosque on Mulgrave Road in Toxteth

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3 Replies to “Links and News for July 2 2013 – 4”

  1. Tree-hugging Nazi Mongols ? WTF ?!
    This is yet anotherr New-Agey Deutsch-Mongolian synthesis. The first one was a West German pop-band “Dschinghis Khan”, and they were actually pretty cool (Look them up on YouTube)

    Song quote comes to mind:
    “Lasst noch Wodka holen, ho-ho-ho-ho !
    Denn Wir Sind Mongolen, ha-ha-ha-ha !
    Und Der Teufel kriegt uns früh genug !”

    But Greenie Mongolian Eco-Nazis ? This is so bizarre …

  2. #3 Poor Somalian man was just following orders to plant a bomb or do a dry run in a false flag operation. Fortunately for him leftists have such a well entrenched double standard that the Nuremberg defense will work for him.

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