Links and news for June 28 2013 – 2

1. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) released its report on gun violence. It is an interesting and worthwhile study and seems to have been done using proper scientific methodology and by people capable of using it. In other words, unlike global warming, (AGW) it isn’t a bunch of propaganda designed to support a presupposed conclusion.

H/T Richard

2. Tommy Robinson on the Geller Spencer ban, and his upcoming walk. The police seem to admit, when its convenient, that there are areas which are muslim, and their laws apply and not England’s. I bet if you point this out to them, that they said this, you would be accused of racism.

3. In a Turkish town that had 10,000 Armenians, now there is only one. How is this not genocide?

4. No waitresses allowed in restaurants (KSA)

5. Britain Bans Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, Welcomes Che Guevara’s Daughter

6. Today’s EDL blogtalk radio with special guest, Ann Corcoran

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  1. Quote from the link

    “The EDL leaders had been warned not to go past a large mosque in east London or enter the borough of Tower Hamlets.

    “As they approached the boundary of the borough they were warned again by officers who told them they may be arrested.”

    Clearly Tower Hamlets and East London are No-go areas for Infidels. Tommy knew this, and should have applied to the relevant authorities for a visa. . Far from obstructing police, it was the police that obstructed free passage of Tommy.

    Free country? Yup.

    Like the USA, the UK has become an Orwellian state – spying on everyone, while claiming it is for our protection. Destroying the founding faith of Western civilisation, while giving freedom to ideologies that have destroyed murdered hundreds of millions of people. The Leftists owe their allegiance to an ideology that killed over 150 million people in less then a century. It makes Nazis look like liberals. Even the manner of killing by the communists/Leftists was far more cruel then then what the Nazis did.

    Quite rightly the Nazis are vilified but the far more barbarous Leftits are sitting copnfortably in the MSM, town halls, and universities.

  2. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who set up Stop Islamisation of America and run the website Jihad Watch, have been forbidden from entering the country on the grounds their presence would “not be conducive to the public good”.

    Yup. And the millions of Muslims on Benefit, all planning Jihad of one sort or another, while raping young, very young little girls, is conducive to the public good.

    Orwellian society.

  3. DP111 You say “leftists” and “Nazis” as if they are different groups. The National Socialist Workers Party, The Nazis, were indeed far leftists differing with the communists in only the concept of nationalism Vs. international socialism.

  4. #1 Another study done at the behest of the left that proves their stand is wrong and will increase the number of crimes and the number of people hurt. I fully expect this study to be ignored by all of the anti-gun people who will lie and say they never heard of it and that we are lying when we say what it said.

  5. Eeyore

    The reason I put the Nazis on the right, even though they are socialists of a different hue ( see some of the propaganda pictures by the Nazis, they are identical to that of the communists of that era).

    1. If one puts a dividing line between the Left and Right, then the Democrats, and the RINOS, all fall in the left part of the spectrum. I cannot think of any mainstream party in the US, or the UK, that are in the Right part of the spectrum. The Left then becomes the norm, as if there is nothing but the Left, and it appears a law of nature. The result is that it confuses the situation.

    2. The Left regards the Nazis as the embodiment of evil. Showing that they are no different to the Nazis, worse in fact, has greater traction.

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