Links and news for June 27th 2013 – 3

Things are getting mighty weird around here. ATM I have more questions than answers so I’ll wait till I know enough to be worth posting. But things are getting weird.

Meanwhile, some news of concern:

1. A partial Haaretz article about an Economist essay on the un-stopability of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The one the US could have stopped anytime in the past dozen years or more. The comments are also interesting. Check the up and down votes on the comments pro and anti Iranian nukes or Israel.

2. If this video teaches us anything, it teaches us that if you are muslim, it is good to be short. (Sujood means to have your kneecaps, hands and forehead on the ground)

3. A very mixed message article by Melanie Phillips, who I normally am in awe of, and even this one is excellent in many ways. But it starts out elitist and if I may dare to say, ungrateful. This is a war against barbarianism and like the last centuries wars, the working class are on the front lines of it and died for the rest of us by the millions. I think the EDL need to be given much more respect if for no other reason than that. They are facing the enemy on their own streets now thanks to the contempt shown to them by the executive class elitists in the UK today. No wonder they don’t all respond by writing brilliant articles to the DM.

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  1. Taking Tommy Robinson at his word, the EDL has been dealing promptly with “thuggish elements” in its ranks. Does Melanie Phillips know otherwise? Or, in her opinion, does the EDL fall at the other end of her spectrum, being one of those groups that are “truly racist and xenophobic,” a claim that needs more evidence? It isn’t clear.

    And who is that feels that Spencer and Geller’s support of the EDL and like groups (and which groups are those?) has dealt their credibility “a serious blow?” If anyone is handing a propaganda weapon to enemies of counter-jihadists, it may well be the excellent Melanie Phillips here, whose words one may expect in the future to see quoted out of context.

  2. Unfortunately as a journalist Ms Phillips might be constrained from supporting particular/specific groups.She is an extremely intelligent woman who regularly negotiates and traverses the elitist nest of leftist vipers that are the British media.

  3. I wonder when the EDL boys will realize that the UK is shot through with cosmopolitan elites which have no more loyalty to the English than they had elsewhere…the counter jihad journalists like Phillips are only interested in what is good for their gang. spencer is a good guy though. But the rest ? They stab the average English in the back at the first hint of a shekel or two.

  4. John: That was some quasi well disguised antisemitism there. I see you have learned the buzz phrases quite well to avoid being busted on your actual agenda.

    Phillips wrote a brilliant piece and while I do not appreciate her opinion of the EDL the rest of the article is spot on and she has taken massive risks to preserve freedom of speech and British rule in that country, I would wager 10,000 X what you have. To accuse her and other Jews of having no loyalty to any nation is unfounded and counter productive. It is not Jews who are destroying British law and culture. It is however, muslims who working three shifts for precisely that.

    Fortunately for England, the EDL is more sophisticated and observant than you are.

  5. That video on the Sunnah of Omar …

    “The Sunnah of Omar was published by Majlis-al almi 1403 in Beirut, page 234, narration 5469, from nsib bin Rafh ” that omar khatba said “whoever is hot in the Salat, let him pray on his cloth, and if it was croweded let him do sujood on his brother’s back”. If there is too man people in the Masjid, he can do sujood on the back of the person that is in front of him. This is the Sunnah that you see in Saudi Arabia or in Masjid al-Haram and sometimes in Madina. They do sujood on the back of the person that is in front of them. This is the Sunnah of Omar.”

    …can be useful for removing the “sujood” from Western streets and forcing them back into their overcrowed salats.

  6. Excellent point! Although I still dislike the idea of using tard-logic for problems of breach of Western law. In other words, if you debate the rules of a game with the people who invented the game you have to lose as they get to make up the rules as they go along since anything that helps the ultimate agenda of winning the game is OK with them. Hence the 911 hijackers drinking and whoring all night the night before. No loss of points required to enter Mohamed’s Bar and Brothel in the sky. Robert Spencer is the only person I think who can use that strategy. For the rest of us its a loss from the moment we abandon our own laws for our own reasons and start to use theirs.

  7. Thanks, Eeyore for calling out anti-Semitism where you see it. Robert Spencer seems the only one who gets the approval of “John” – Pamela Geller is probably “out” because she is Jewish too… *rolls eyes*

    I agree with what you say about the Melanie Phillips article but was somewhat less generous in an email I fired off to her after I had read the first paragraph of her article. I think that Pamela Geller was quite hurt.

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