Links and news for June 25 2013 – 2

1. National Post: Fears false Iranian refugees with ‘sinister motives’ may enter Canada as 19 are rejected on security grounds

19 Iranian nationals, most of whom had arrived in the country without legitimate travel documents, had been found “inadmissible” on security grounds since 2008.

It also said the United States was “increasingly concerned that Iranian secret operatives and Hezbollah, their ‘terrorist proxy force,’ may carry out attacks in the U.S.” Hezbollah is known to “alter and steal travel documents, passports and visas,”

(I will hopefully be posting some rather eye popping information about Hizb’allah in the Americas soon. Keep watching this page.)

2. Washington Times: Police in Germany have rooted out what they believe is an Islamist plot by aeronautics students at the University of Stuttgart to carry out a terrorist attack using remote-control model airplanes equipped with bombs.

3. Charles Krauthammer: America barely relevant 

4. Sunni vs Shia… in Gerrard’s Cross: New mosque highlights growing tensions among British Muslims 

5. Very cool picture of a waterspout (H/T Fjordman)


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  1. #5 – Talk about a small world. I was in Grand Isle when a water spout came ashore and wiped out a small section of the island way back when. Unfortunately, a young girl, 16, IIRC, was killed at GI high when the lockers fell on top of her. They’re pretty but extremely dangerous. Just a word of caution.

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