Links and news for June 23 2013 – 3

Thank you EDL Buck, M and everyone who has sent in so much important material even as the site has been under steady attack for days now.

1. Sudanese migrant goes on random stabbing spree in Tel Aviv street. (Shouts for knife control and street control not yet on the table but anytime now) H/T CB

2. Russian newspaper describes Putin’s feelings for Obama in a way probably most Americans should appreciate by now.

3. Climate change on Venus. (George Bush has a larger reach than we thought)

4. Egypt’s military gives the political class a sort of warning and deadline. (In many of these countries, a military dictatorship is ironically more democratic)

5. Tommy Robinson makes appeal for 2 year old with Cancer

6. Allen West “Why isn’t Obama held responsible for all the scandals and questionable actions coming from his Executive Branch”

7. Egyptian courts find that the MB conspired with Hamas and Hizb’allah and local militias to attack prisons and release prisoners, including president Mursi.
H/T EDL Buck

8. Successful Germans packing up and leaving Germany for Canada. Their loss, our gain. But the reasons are ones that should concern us all. The EUSSR should frighten everyone.

9. RT clip on government surveillance on all of, well us.

10. Protestors arrested in Ankara Turkey:

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  1. EGYPT _ Angry mob kills at least 4 Shias in Giza village including leader

    Eyewitnesses say that Salafist sheikhs in Giza village led a mob attack on Shia families, accusing them of being infidels and spreading debauchery, leaving four dead and scores injured

    An angry mob led by Salafist sheikhs torched and attacked houses of Shias in the small village of Zawyat Abu Muslam in Giza governorate Sunday afternoon, killing four citizens including a prominent shia figure.

    Not less than 3000 angry locals attacked houses of Shias in the village Sunday afternoon after weeks of incitement by Salafist preachers, according to eyewitnesses.

    Five houses were set on fire during the attack. Police are evacuating the rest of Shiite homes in the village.

    “For three weeks the Salafist sheikhs in the village have been attacking the Shias and accusing them of being infidels and spreading debauchery,” Hazem Barakat, an eyewitness and photojournalist, told Ahram Online.

    Barakat, who reported the incident live on Twitter, took photos and videos showing one of the Shias began dragged in the street after being beaten. “I saw several Shias stabbed several times while they were being dragged in some sort of public lynching,” said Barakat.

    more on the page :–Shias-in-Giza-village-i.aspx

  2. This is typical Islam/Muslim behavior~I live in the middle-east, and I know who the animals are, but the world keeps saying it is the Jews who cause all the trouble. Even when a soldier is beheaded in the middle of the street in England there are still excuses being made for barbarians. For pity sake, when are you people going to wake up! This Is Coming to a town near you…very soon.

  3. The ISNA & CAIR must be trying their best to recruit these salafist sheikhs for “interfaith dialog” meetings over here after such a successful turnout as seen above.

  4. The paper is right about Obama, and so is Putin.

    The Germans leaving Germany are the smart ones, they are the ones that see what is coming and think that Canada and the US will be safer.

  5. Its not just Germans jumping ship. I work for a large French oil exploration firm for their R&D department as an engineer, and lately they’ve been “filling” positions with high level people from France who want to “get some diversity” in their work experience. Of course, we all know why they’re leaving… At the new employee/intern orientation I gave I was the only non-french speaker in the room.

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