Links and news for June 23 2013 – 1

1. New T shirt idea? download and print if you like.

2. A pre-recorded tape by a boy who committed suicide after much sexual abuse from muslim caretaker is used in the trial of that same caretaker.

3. Facebook appears to have removed a lot of EDL pages and some major and minor counter-jihad sites while still allowing sites like, ‘Death to Israel’ and, ‘Death to America’ are still up. I hope to have details and names at some point. But this is from a very reliable source.

4. Some Sheikh was beaten up in London for his calls to jihad in Syria by some Iraqis. I am not sure if they beat him up because they don’t want jihad in Syria or because right after calling everyone to go to jihad this sheikh went out to a fashionable London cafe for a nice lunch, enraging those who feel he should have gone to jihad.

This is him calling for jihad right before lunch

5. Robert Spencer was on BBC Asia the other day, which did a remarkably fair interview with him despite setting up all kinds of opposition to him on other lines. Even so, it was not the usual berating and character assassination I am used to from the BBC while they treat seditious and hate filled bastards like Anjem C with kid gloves. And to be even more fair, yes, the host did interrupt the spokesman (leader?) of ‘Hope-not-hate’ quite a bit although perhaps not quite as aggressively as he did Mr. Spencer but he also did not let him get away with anything. If you want a fast laugh though, cut forward to about 12 minutes when they bring the imam on to debate Mr. Spencer on Koran.

Here is a link to the original with all music and introductions intact.

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  1. UK – Birmingham – ‘Suspicious item’ at Walsall’s Aisha mosque a hate crime, say police

    About 150 people were evacuated from homes around the mosque in Rutter Street, Walsall, after bomb disposal experts were called to the scene.

    The item, not yet identified, was found on Friday evening but police were not called until it was taken inside by a member of the public on Saturday.

    The item has been made safe but police said they were still trying to work out what it was.

    The Aisha Mosque was set to reopen during the afternoon and the cordon in the area was “reducing”, Mr Fraser said, with only three people left to return to their homes or friends and family,

    “Officers are continuing to work hard to establish what the item is and how it got there but the incident is being treated as a hate crime although the motive for placing the item near to the mosque remains unclear,”

    The bomb squad ordered about 40 nearby homes to be evacuated early on Sunday.

    At about 07:30 BST police said people were being led from their homes in the Caldmore area and those who could not make other arrangements were taken to Walsall Town Hall.
    The scene Officers have been carrying out fingertip searches at the area

    […]Zahid Ali, cabinet member for public protection at the council, said it executed its emergency planning procedures once police were contacted.

    “We have taken the residents living within the immediate vicinity of the area into the council’s civic offices and premises.

    “We have put in comprehensive support for them, including food and whatever other support they require.”

    He said afternoon prayers would happen as normal on Sunday.

  2. The winds are changing. Its going to be blowing full gale force once our troops we are out of Afghanistan.

    Now this imam was under the impression that he would be dealt softly by the BBC. Thus when pressed on the koran, he folded.

  3. The MSM, such as the BBC, keep equating the EDL with Islamic extremism. If that is correct, I wish someone would let us know how many people EDL terrorists have blown up, shot or beheaded. Curious minds would like to know.

  4. Robert Spencer ‘owned’ that show. To have an Imam not being able to quote the Koran shows only two points. 1. He is a crap Imam or 2. He knows it is all true and cannot defend against it.
    Nihal the interviewer I thought was the fairest I have heard. He did a good job although he is still not impartial when it comes to his use of one sided language. Robert Spencer needs to get on the airwaves more. Well done Bob!

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