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7 Replies to “Irish Parliamentarian gives analysis of Obama which is unusually accurate for a politician.”

  1. I’m so glad somebody noticed. Arming the Syrian opposition is precisely like sending advanced radar technology to the German High Command. Wake up, folks! This guy is a Manchurian Candidate. There is simply no other explanation for Obama’s behavior.

    And did you get a load of Captain Peace, John Kerry, pushing for airport hits? I didn’t know F-16s were considered “small arms”. What a bunch of gigantic liars!!!

    And what does Hussien think is going to happen to the Shia population of Syria after his beloved Sunni Muslim Brotherhood wins the war? Hmmmm??? I guess they’re all going to have a good laugh about it and then get down to rebuilding the New Syria in a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation. It’ll be just fucking grand…

  2. Why is Teresa Heinz Kerry married to John Kerry? It must because of his illustrious title of Senator or Secretary of State. Or maybe because he is really big? Or maybe because Teresa was a bubble headed beauty queen and she does not knows better.

    Not one thing that John Kerry will attempt as Secretary of State will happen. He will waste time in the Palestinians when we could make so much headway in South Sudan saving thousands of people. Merely strengthening South Sudan will undermine the Sudan. People will look across the border and say “Why can’t we have a government like that.” But then South Sudanese are in deepest, darkest Africa and are black. Nevermind, I see the why the Democrats do not want to help.

  3. Intellectually John Kerry is so Coyote Ugly I am surprised that Teresa does not gnaw off her arm to get away at dinner.

  4. She is right about the good going thru Shannon airport.

    She is not so correct about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    I don’t give a crap about rendition. I am not Hollywood. Rendition is what a few warriors and spooks who are left do to get around the pussyfoot types. What is worse? John “the patrician chinned” Kerry shaking hands with Morsi who appoints a governor to Luxor who was part of a group that disemboweled 10 year old kids or shaking hands with a spook that would take a blakc jack to said governor?

  5. I agree, mostly I have always detested the so called “rules of engagement’ which has lead to the deaths of too many troops from all of the participating countries. These asinine ‘rules’ put forth by the armchair generals, at the behest of the no balls political class are a disgrace. In every conflict there is collateral damage however handcuffing the troops is no way to win a conflict.

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