Links and news for June 17 2013 – 3

1. Daha Mohammed, 51, also of Abbotts Close, was charged with the murder of Mr Greenaway and was due to appear at Bexley Magistrates’ Court today.

A post-mortem examination at Greenwich Mortuary gave the cause of death as incised wounds to the throat.

2. In this partial interview with Assad, notice how he is not making threats but seems also to be advising Europe of what many of us already know to be true. That equipping Al-Qaeda to fight Assad will result in many European muslims coming back to Europe with more training, determination and fanaticism than before and they would likely then continue to wage jihad in Europe. I believe that most European leaders are aware this is the case already. Once again I find myself lamenting how awful it is that in many ways I trust the presidents of Russia and Syria before the leaders of the USA and UK.

3. TheTelegraph gets it partially right, which is a part more than usual, when they expose the UAF as a violent thuggish and fascist group. They can’t back up their classic “far right wing” claims about their opponents as usual however.

Anti-fascists fuel the fire of hate

The self-appointed opponents of bigotry can be as ugly as the racist groups they oppose.

Police detain a UAF protester outside the Houses of Parliament last weekend.

One reason why UAF will not campaign against Islamist extremists is that one of its own vice-chairmen, Azad Ali, is one. As well as his UAF role, which he took up last year, Mr Ali is community affairs coordinator of the Islamic Forum of Europe, a Muslim supremacist group dedicated to changing “the very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed from ignorance to Islam”.

4. Front Page article on the German boycott of Israeli goods, pointing out the ludicrousness and hypocrisy and lack of proportion of this action.

5. Islam: Protecting women from freedom since 610 AD


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  1. Eeyore wrote: I believe that most European leaders are aware this is the case already. Once again I find myself lamenting how awful it is that in many ways I trust the presidents of Russia and Syria before the leaders of the USA and UK.

    I came to a similar conclusion a year back. Its not just the war on Terror, but in the way the Western governments, private banks and the financial markets, have colluded to rob ordinary working people of their savings. The arch example is Greece, but many others such Ireland, Spain, Portugal, USA, UK, France, the EU. We have real negaytive interest rates at the moment – which amount to the same thing that the EU and the IMF, forced Greece to do, but now is done on a yearly basis at -3% per annum.

    The result of this is that people are now thinking of socialism. Yes, the very system that gave us the greatest genocides of the 20th century, dwarfing whatever the Nazis did. But thats no solution, as Socialism guarantees even bigger government.

    The problem is Big Government. It has managed to screw vast amounts of money from the people, which allows it to waste even more, and then uses the shortfall as an excuse to rob even more.

    The whole system of limited government, freedom of speech, freedom of association is over. We are now in a situation when a revolution is likely. Revolutions being what they are, will devour its own children. That is why we have the NSA and a myriad of snooping agencies, spying on everyone -a sign paranoia . I don’t blame them.

  2. Eeyore

    What we have now is a financial meltdown offing in the West. The US as well as European countries are so indebted, that a financial meltdown is very likely. Then all bets are off. That is why we have such draconian austerity measures. As the measures bite, there is a very great likelihood of civil unrest. The unrest can lead to a revolution of the French type. The state cannot allow it. They are afraid of the people, and they see any ground level protest movement as a seed that can lead to a revolution. The EDL has the potential to be a proto-revolutionary movement. That is why the EDL is attacked with such ferocity. The attack is not about racism or anything else but fear and paranoia of the state.

    I can’t see any reason why Western states have become Orwellian unless they fear us all.

    PS: What bothers me is why they are so scared. They have cowed us all so thoroughly that we have to even get permission to demonstrate. Western man has become a coward, too scared to protest even as the civilisation he founded is stolen from him. No surprise then that Muslims think it is OK to rape White women, as they know that the White male is a coward.

  3. DP the governments are in a catch 22 situation, if they continue to fund the welfare state the worlds economy will collapse and massive civil unrest/civil wars will occur, if they cut welfare to the point the world economy can recover there will be massive unrest/civil war. No matter what the world is headed into a major shift in political thought, the big questions are will freedom and civilization survive the coming unrest?

  4. Wow, a Muslim slits the throat of a wheelchair bound, disabled man who probably is on public welfare. He is no threat to Islam.

    Given that the 56 year old victim was in a wheel chair and had gangrene I suspect diabetes. He would have lasted maybe 10 more years. But a Muslim had to take from him what little time he had left.

    Just know if the Shia kill the Sunni or the Sunni kill the Shia there will have to be a new heresy. That is the way the lowest morality works.

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