Dear sir. Thank you very much for proving your detractor’s point so eloquently.

I should like to add, that if US soldiers gang raped someone it would be a crime as it would not be sanctioned or ordered as part of any US policy or military policy and both civilian and military courts would send soldiers or other Western officials away to jail for a long time for such activities.

WHen muslims gang rape girls in the UK there is not one mosque or muslim organization that condemns it outright and in fact it is sanctioned both institutionally and scripturally. So it is not a crime but in fact is policy. And herein lies the crucial difference.

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  1. It’s been like coming to a zoo here, these last couple of days. This is the second video clip you have shown of some demented foul-mouthed retard talking to the camera. I feel as if I am looking into the cage of the chimpanzee house.
    Still, at least any chimps that are not in Africa usually do live in zoos, unlike the Muslim species who should do.

  2. Eeyore- After this nightmare fare, I have to see the Translation Bear after this. Or the Ice-Skaters. Or the Hadassah Hospital Concert.

  3. When (I still think there will be a massive backlash at some point) the blacklash starts people like him are going to be crying for their mothers to hide them.

  4. Let’s see. So certain individuals feel compelled to stick it to the white man — well, the white man’s young females. And certain other white men, the ones tasked with “law and order,” feel not the least remorse for sacrificing white young females (not of their class, don’t you know), to heinous acts of brutality committed by the VERY MUCH PROTECTED class of vile sub-humans these white rulers WELCOME with open arms into the country. The Tony Blairs and David Camerons set loose these barbarians to inflict as much misery as they can; because to do otherwise — to protect WHITE Britains from the malicious 7th Century marauders given permission to roam ravenously across the land — would OFFEND their own rulers, the keepers of Mecca and Medina and the rich oil fields of Saudi Arabia.

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