Obama administration now feels it has the excuse to arm and supply Al-Qaeda with advanced weapons to take down Assad.

Washington Times:

U.S.: Syria used chemical weapons

The Syrian government used chemical weapons against its opponents, the Obama administration said Thursday, acknowledging that President Bashar Assad’s regime has crossed the “red line” President Obama laid down for U.S. action.

Putting American boots on the ground in Syria still isn’t an option, but White House officials now say the U.S. will provide other types of “military support” possibly including communications equipment, medical supplies and potentially training for Syrian rebel forces.

“The president has made his decision … we’re just not going to be able to lay out an inventory” of what the U.S. and its allies will provide Syrian opposition forces, said Ben Rhodes, the White House’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications.

According to new U.S. intelligence assessments, Mr. Assad has deployed sarin gas and other agents against Syrian rebels “multiple times in the past year,” with at least 100 deaths resulting directly from those weapons, Mr. Rhodes told reporters.

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12 Replies to “Obama administration now feels it has the excuse to arm and supply Al-Qaeda with advanced weapons to take down Assad.”

  1. debka.com has an agenda. No doubt. Given that, I take what they say with a grain of salt.

    They are predicting that Assad will take Aleppo & Idlib province in 1 or 2 months. Let’s see what their track record is.

    Kuwait is kicking out Shia. Hamas has split into Iranian and Sunni factions. Pretty sure Palestinians are Sunni, but at least some Hamas people want to cozy up to Iran because they want the $$$ (and Weapons). I guess Hamas Egyptian benefactors do not have enough money to give to Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood hates Israel. Hamas wants to mess with Israel but lacks resources that Egypt seems unable to provide in any significant quantity such as rockets to shoot at Israel. That tell you a lot about the Egyptian economy.They cannot run even one proxy war on their borders.

    Egypt’s currency reserves went up about 3 billion. Qatar, the U.S. &/or IMF plussed up their bank account. It is nice to have friends or stupid people on your side.

  2. Imagine if, during World War II, Martians had intervened in the interests of “leveling the playing field”. Wouldn’t that have been great? Every time you start to see light at the end of the tunnel, the Martians give the Germans another death ray or something, and the fight is on anew. Barack ***HHHHHHHUUUUUUSSSSSSEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!*** Obama is siding with the worst of the worst of the bad guys, namely The Muslim Brotherhood and their attack dogs, al-Quaeda. Those are our deadliest enemies…

  3. Sunni Caliphate with Al Qaeda as one of its’ military wings or an Iranian regional hegemony … neither is good.

    It is seems callous to say, but the more they fight and bleed each other the better. Hopefully they can fight themselves until they are in the Stone Age.

    … Or maybe the Ape Age. the Muslims world seems to be all about who has the biggest harem. It reminds me of gorillas or something. What is the difference between the people portrayed in the the film the “Lost boys” and Islam. both groups have harems. both groups have an oppressed unattached male population. In both situation they find a way to get with of that oppressed male population.

  4. What a surprise the regime has weapons of mass destruction. If gas was used, of which I’m doubtful, I’d like to see the proof that it was the government that used it. Bet we won’t be seeing that any time soon.
    But really, bolstering the West’s mortal enemies again, after the multiple failures across the globe?
    The West needs a sea change, this makes 1930s appeasement look sensible.
    I don’t suppose the rebels would use those gas stockpiles against us would they?
    No there’ll be so grateful, like the people who killed that US Ambassador in Libya.

    I’m beginning to think that democracy has a short shelf life. How could it not when people keep voting in these morons again and again?

  5. Obama would love to see the end of Christians in the historic lands of Christianity. This regime that the American public have elected is a monstrous one, with no respect for Western traditions of individualism, and the rights of man.

    Anything that comes out of this American regime, whether the supposed use of Sarin gas in Syria, which Carla de Ponte was confident was used by Syrian Jihadists. I now don’t even believe that China is hacking into American servers. Far more likely that it is the NSA and its arms that are hacking into Chinese servers, and China is responding in like.

  6. As I pointed some months back, the Obama regime, and thus the USA itself, is becoming a rogue regime and nation. Its gross violation of civil rights, using arms of government like the IRS, to destroy conservative and traditional America, to invade the privacy of everyone are just a few of the crimes that are now coming to light. Who knows what else they are doing?

    The USA now has the distinction of becoming the first Orwellian nation on earth.

  7. DP111

    I would nominate the Soviet Union or Mao’s China for that distinction.

    “A central tenet of Maoism was permanent revolution, including violence as a tool: progress required turmoil and therefore the revolution was never entirely over”

    30-Second Politics Editor Steven L. Taylor

    I was at Barnes & Noble and read that one quote and bought the book.

    I know this 2nd hand from a close relative, an unimpeachable source. How does a person who was at Yan’an (but was not on the Long march) end up hundreds of miles from home during the Cultural Revolution? I’ll give you a hint, they did not commit treason or other crime. Venal man Mao had to keep things in a permanent uproar in order to keep power. After the disaster of the Great Leap Forward with its attendant millions of deaths (Forward over the cliff; like Obama


    the Chinese Communist retired the esteemed Chairman Mao. Then the venal man started a letter writing campaign to rouse the rabble, destabilize society and regain power.

    That said you are right we are be coming Orwellian. Obama did not shut down his presidential campaign. He just morphed it into a permanent campaign group. We face the same conundrum over the fight for the soul of the Democrat party as we do in Syria. We do not want either side to win Clintonian or Obaman.

    The U.S. hacking Chinese servers does not bother me. this has been going on since the 1920 or 1930s. The soviets sent many agents over in influence operations. During the Roosevelt administration they had as many as 4,000 agents and/or fellow travellers.


    Is hacking any worse than social engineering. Social engineering is not a frank and oepn attempt at persuasion. There is subterfuge as to what one party is doing.

    Check out article #2 on the topic of influence operations.

  8. I repeat everything, every military action that the USA and the other Western powers have done in the past 50 yrs. , has helped expand the caliphate and given the $audi$ a stronger position.

  9. blindguard a functioning democracy or Representative Republic requires informed voters who study the candidates and vote for the best qualified, in 2008 one third of the people who voted for Obama did so because they wanted to brag they voted for the first black to make a serious run for the Presidency.

    Frank you are right, however without those military actions either the Soviets or the Fascists would be ruling the world. You fight your current enemy to survive to fight you current allies when they try to conquer you.

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