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3 Replies to “Rand Paul Announces Legal Action Against Government Surveillance”

  1. Some people may think restricting surveillance will make us lose the “War Against Perpetual Terror” (Soviet Copyright. Reproduced by kind permission).

    Mr Paul recognizes that it is about attitude, and only that, that inspires a civilization to grow and endure. Not the belief in a returning Magic Son or saving Socialist System for the future to cast off without a care for your grandchildren, your country and what remains on the planet.

    A nation, stands by the belief that your neighbor is inherently wholesome. What Islam has done to men, is what Socialism has done to women: turned them into flesh-pots, dying in coitus for a sense of pride of life, with the children’s innocent minds in their sights. Can’t leave them alone, got to reach out to them in schools, whereas they should only be taught languages, sciences and comparable cults.

    Have a Mohammadan and Stalinidan in the Oval Office, the product of an absent Muslim Father and a single Socialist Mother, and you have the spiritual equivalent of the unquenchable homosexual needing affection and the nature of the precious bitch. An revert-invert who does not know or like himself. ‘ Irresistible, I can’t-stand-to-know-you; now you’re ‘resistible, can’t-stand-to-know-you…. ’cause it’s only the business of the clerks’ A puppet who’ll take you down with him just for the sake of his last rise. Crackhead. And a growing society of them, because no one watched over their children from such as these.

  2. We need target surveillance of our enemies, not blanket surveillance of everyone. As for losing the war, you lose wars by going on the defensive and refusing to fight the war as a war, like we are currently doing. If he had gone with a full war option from the beginning everything would be peaceful right now.

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