Links and news for Thurs. June 13 2013

1. I never thought I would say this but, could the Greek government please see what they can do about the CBC? Same reasons.

2. Before It’s News claims it knows what Glenn Beck will reveal today. Right or wrong it doesn’t sound at all unlikely for this admin.

3. A one hour, somewhat technical, analysis of CO2 and climate consequences which lead to some rational conclusions. Thank you Wrath of Khan

4. Shake your money maker! Muslim woman in Canada ‘busted’ for padding bra with tens of thousands of US cash!

5. The one place you can be free of surveillance is a mosque.

6. Turkish PM gives 24 hour ultimatum.

7. Boston police training for right wing terrorist attack scenario interrupted by actual islamic terrorist attack. Jihad watch on this here.

8. Beck Beer invents the next 8 track!

9. Schools in Fairfax Virginia teach killing gay people and apostates of Islam is A-OK. Yet government still clings to the idea that ‘right wing group’ are intolerant and must be targeted by the state.

10. Kuwaiti islamic leader explains that there is no injustice  in beating women! that in fact, it is a cure for masochism!

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  1. Jordanian lawyers file lawsuit against Google, producers over anti-Islam film

    […]The indictment decision includes charges of blasphemy, offending religious sentiment, and slander against Prophet Muhammad and inciting religious strife in accordance with Jordanian Penal Law and international conventions, including The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), and the Information Systems Criminal Law, among others.

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