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5 Replies to “Omar Bakri on the murder of Lee Rigby”

  1. It’s kind of sad really, because I believe that Omar Bakhri is genuine. Under different circumstances, he would be a good Christian or a good patriot or a good cop, nurse, fireman, senator or even a counter-jihadist.
    But, he is a loyal victim of Islam. There are some Muslims who are driven by their own evil desires and bad character. Other Muslims are smart, disciplined and full of character but hopelessly brainwashed and misguided.
    This is why Islam must be stopped. It destroys what otherwise could be fine minds. It takes whatever good is born into the child and replaces it with evil.
    Omar Bakhri is articulate, thoughtful and dedicated to his cause. Unfortunately his bread is buttered on the wrong side and therefore he is the enemy!
    I make no excuses for him, he is what he is, and we should never be fooled by him or others like him. He is still a snake in the grass. I will not forget that. He deserves nothing else other than our complete mistrust of him. I will never show any false sympathy for him.
    But, during my contemplative moments, I still feel sad – wondering what could have been and what might have been, if only Islam had not snared individuals that may have turned out to be great people.
    How many people, unfortunate enough to have been born in the Middle East, may have been something different if they had been born in Sheffield, Saskatchewan, St. Louis or Sydney?

    Who knows?

  2. Bahri is making the point that the two killers are actually soldiers fighting in battle. Correct! And as such, they should be arrested and taken to a military facility without ever seeing the inside of a civilian courtroom. Why hand such an advantage to the enemy as giving them a trial in downtown London? Why not take our two Nigerian head-choppers up to a bleak stone building in the the coldest, dampest part of Northern Scotland, water-board them as needed, and then keep them locked up until such time as the religion of Islam admits defeat and apologizes for having caused the rest of us so much trouble? And never mind the halal food and the Qurans and the video games and the prayer mats. We don’t have to lose this, folks…

  3. Chris – We could put them way up North in the Shetland Isles,but we could’nt trust them with the Sheep up there, you’d have all the Men in the North complaining about lack of Talent at the week-ends,Just shoot the fuckers we don’t want any more in “Bonnie”Scotland.

  4. Chris the refusal of the west to treat this as a war is one of the reasons we aren’t winning, we are treating this as a series of criminal actions that have no relation to each other.Until we treat this as a war, and a war of survival we will continue to play catchup with the people who are out to destroy us.

    General MacArthur said in war there is no substitute for victory. We have spent the last 60+ years trying to find one and failing.

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