Links and news for June 7 2013 – 2

1. Tommy Robinson has tweeted that, while the media hasn’t reported it, they already have a suspect in the Somali mosque fire of a few days ago and of course, it was not the EDL or any member of it who is a suspect, but a muslim, possibly a congregant.

2. Clare Lopez was the guest on today’s EDL Radio program and was excellent. One of the most lucid explanations of the Islamic plans for the West that I have heard to date. I plan to make a video out of parts of the show later tonight but for now, here is a link to the whole show.

3. Austria withdraws peacekeepers from Golan Heights as Bin Laden’s former Al Qaeda number two urges Sunni Muslims to fight in Syria civil war


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  1. It will be interesting to see how the media handles the news if it turns out that the person who burned the mosque turns out to be Muslim. Will there be sufficient coverage so that the public knows exactly who it was? What about apologies for the smears aimed at the EDL due to the allegations that there was EDL graffiti on the mosque? What about retractions of the anxious hand-wringing from the local MP about “hate attacks” and the laments from the Muslim community about “Islamophobic abuse”?

    Why did we not see similar smears aimed at Muslims due to the “Islam” graffiti on the RAF Bomber Command memorial? The MPs and community spokespersons, both Muslim and Christian, didn’t express those thoughts, did they? Oh, that’s right—the EDL was blamed for that too.

  2. Hi Eeyor,

    It was good to listen to the East Anglia EDL programme with Clare Lopez, former CIA Agent, (with the dulcet tones of Judy Garland), giving her professional view of the Bad-Cop Good-Cop dispensation of terror to get moderates to give up their self-reliance and power. After a slaughter, the mind’s fight-flight opens their credibility of what is normal: “a woman in a burka does not look so bad after all, they’re the same as us!” where the non-Muslim becomes the defender of the faith. Like Socialists defend Communism, they just needed a show of remorseless strength to demonstrate their inability to survive without State Provenance.

    The fact is, the British Empire had had to manage and utilize the resources in Islamic-Dhimmified corrupt Nations with the poverty of a Catholic mission, for hundreds of years; so it would make you think they would never ever want to bring back the already brain-droned to their host nation. But the Socialist Lib/Lab/Con have replaced the loyal old guard, using favors for peerages over decades. Was British History ever taught to them? Can they read? By their mediocrity, I would say they only learned from the school curriculum: The Color Purple, to kill a Mocking Bird, Dreams from my Father.

    They were educated under Soviet mind-control techniques within Universities, (wow, how they had sprung up like Mosques twenty years earlier), so that adolescents extended their indoctrination. Piaget’s theories of human development now covered by the government at each critcal stage from £500 at cradle to £20,000 debt as adults, so they were imprinted subconsciously to be dependent upon the hand that fed it. The State had a face, a smile, hands, and a will. It could go and fight wars, it knew best.

    These ‘Mosques for Socialism’, and Mosques for Islam, are the two-handed games of the elite. The Illuminati (the intellectuals) have always realized it was never about controlling and sitting at the top of one ideology and lasting a 1000 years, but controlling both the Right and the Left and lasting forever. The Brotherhood, The Working Class; The Youth, The Over 55’s; any group-identified are given rewards. The Church of Belongers. Even how you liked to have your non-reproductive sex. Infiltrating every organization, degrading their morals to the lowest standard of a beast and calling it freedom while creating adversity and jealousy amongst them; getting them to chase utopian shadows.

    In Germany 1930’s the non-religious Jews, those nation-loyal German-Jews, became successful as business and enterprise builders, independent from the state; and they were vilified as a ‘Race’ and slaughtered. In the UK the non-religious Asians have followed exactly the same path to become very successful British traders and entrepreneurs; yet British Newspapers started informing the public the “Asians,” this ‘Race’, were doing the raping and gang crimes, dripping into the public sub-conscience for a later date. Today, at the end of the podcast the EDL are openly saying the Middle Classes are the enemies of the Working Classes, the very people who tend their sick, fix their teeth, and settle their legal affairs. Change-agents already in the machinery.

    UKIP are the British Tea Party. Their members are the same. I wish the EDL would remain focused as an anti-Islamic force, a wing of Atlas Shruggs, to educate and expose the evil ideology, rather than invent a new one or demonize Muslims who are mostly Useful Idiots deployed by the EUSSR to distract from their widening programme. UKIP can handle the UK’s Truine of Socialism and the Iron Fist of Communism behind it.

    A great podcast. It made me sit up and look at the issues.

  3. Perfectchild very good, you have summed up the leftist attack on our civilization that has allowed the Moslems to make so many gains in their attack on our civilization.

  4. Eleven reported dead in anti-militia clashes in Libyan Benghazi

    At least 11 people were killed and 35 wounded in clashes on Saturday between protesters and a Libyan militia operating with Defence Ministry approval in the eastern city of Benghazi, a doctor in the city said.

    Residents said dozens of protesters had demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Libya Shield brigade demanding the disbanding of militias who have yet to lay down their weapons nearly two years after the overthrow of long-time dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

    A doctor at central Benghazi’s al-Jalaa hospital said he had counted 11 dead and 35 wounded.

  5. ISTANBUL- Protesters set alight barricades to prevent the police from entering Taksim Square early on Sunday morning.

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