Links and news for June 7 2013 – 1

1. Very odd video of a muslim mocking the murder of Lee Rigby. It appears to be a cell phone video of a youtube video placed back on youtube.

2. Exactly who the hell is Barack Obama? Why does no one remember him from College?

3. Gizmag does an article on Prism. Gizmag is as apolitical as you can get. They cover cool gadgets and inventions and developments in science. I love reading it every day. The fact that they chose to cover this is in itself significant.

4. Front Page: Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children (Well worth the time to read but heartbreaking)

5. It should be obvious to anyone by now that Syria is not a civil war, but a jihadi war to topple the regime in Syria and replace it with an islamic one. Here is a horrific article about beheadings done by a ‘Flemish’ jihadi of a supporter of the regime in Syria and here is an article about a French doctor and cofounder of Doctors without Borders, who says that more than 50% of the ‘rebels’ he treats are in fact foreign jihadis bent on re-forming a caliphate.

6. And it gets harder and harder to tell the tin-foil-hat crowd from those that are just very fashionably dressed. Silver Doctor, who gets it right more often than wrong, is claiming that major manipulation on metals is taking place and out of the USA.

7. Well at least the US PRISM program is spying on one muslim nation. Daily Mail reveals that Britons are being spied on as well.

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4 Replies to “Links and news for June 7 2013 – 1”

  1. I just watched the video about nobody remembering him at Colombia. Uh…isn’t that what they call incontrovertible proof? What would it take for 60-Minutes or somebody to follow up this story and at least see if the guy is lying his head off? Why doesn’t anybody care? What’s going on? Why don’t the people at CBS and NBC and CNN, as Americans, care that an actual foreign agent might be sitting in the Oval Office? Why don’t they care that Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant with access to the most classified material on earth, is a practicing Muslim with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood? Of course, they’ll just get some respected celebrity like Martin Sheen or Alan Alda to tell us that we’re imagining things and it’s time to go back to sleep. Am I dreaming this? This makes no sense whatsoever…

  2. On Obama and Columbia remember if he was registered as a foreign student they are held to a much lower standard and depending on which country they are from and how many students are from that country at times don’t have to do much of anything to graduate.

    The sad story of Egypt;s Christian children is heartrending, and it is one that will be repeated all over the mid east as the MB takes control of more nations.

    The Precious Metals scam is one that I have suspected was going on but had no proof, but what I found most interesting was the fact he is willing to say the worlds economy is going to tank this fall.

  3. Obama and Columbia: Didn’t he go under the name of Barry Sotoro – or somat? Why would anyone remember him if they did not know his name?
    Judge the man on his non-existant accomplishments as president.

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