Gaza closes all the Christian schools using a sharia technicality.

Notice the logic. It was not an out-and-out closure of Christian schools on that basis. That would cause blowback from supporters. They made up a rule that would only apply to the Christian schools and then applied it. Basically the exact same modus operandi president Obama uses to destroy equality and freedom of speech within the US.

If anyone is unable to see this video, there also may be a larger issue especially in the US. If anyone finds this video blocked please leave a comment under this post saying what the ‘error’ was and what country you are in and what state if possible. I will make sure you can see it.

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9 Replies to “Gaza closes all the Christian schools using a sharia technicality.”

  1. Mixx Trix:

    Obama. This video appears to be blocked in the USA because the facts in it are inconvenient to the Islamic agenda.

  2. Another reason why I download and keep every video that I believe to be relevant to our cause.
    You never know if one day you will wake up to find that every counterjihad website on the planet has been blocked!

  3. Two things:

    1. I am in the US and able to watch this on Youtube and on JewishNewsOne channel.

    2. Gaza? I thought when the Gaza deal went down all Jewish people an Christians were ethnic cleansed?

  4. Eeyore can you run it in a different browser? I have notice I can not post using firefox recently.
    Found out it was a down loader app that was blocking me on Firefox

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