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2 Replies to “EDL demo outside courthouse”

  1. Notice the slightly deceptive title… Isn’t it all again Israel’s fault… Of course it isn’t!

    Israel moves tanks, Austria moves out as Syrian fighting rages near Golan Heights
    “Deteriorating security conditions near the Golan Heights headquarters for U.N. peacekeepers in the region has prompted Austria to say it will pull out its 370 troops, more than a third of the force assigned to help keep Israel and Syria at bay.

    The announcement came amid fierce fighting over the Quneitra crossing, Syria’s only access point to the Golan Heights. Rebel forces first captured but then lost control of the crossing in heavy fighting.

    Syrian tanks crossed into a demilitarized zone near the crossing, Israel complained to the United Nations, and two U.N. peacekeepers were wounded when an errant mortar round fell on their border camp. A CNN team also could see Israeli tanks taking up positions along the border on the Israeli-occupied side of the Golan Heights.

    The developments come amid longstanding concerns that the bloody 2-year-old Syrian conflict could widen into a broader regional conflict….”

  2. Tommy is right all nations need to stop all immigration until the current immigrants are assimilated into the base culture.

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