Allen West: Eric Holder ‘bigger threat to our Republic’ than al Qaeda

And you know, he is right. By an order of magnitude I would say.

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Former Rep. Allen West: Eric Holder a bigger threat than al Qaeda.
Former Rep. Allen West: Eric Holder a bigger threat than al Qaeda.

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In a fundraising email from the Allen West Guardian Fund, the former GOP representative said that Attorney General Eric Holder presents a “bigger threat” to America than Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al Qaeda, Politico reported Wednesday.

“As a former lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and a civilian-military advisor in Afghanistan, I’ll tell you flat out — Eric Holder is a bigger threat to the Republic,” he wrote.

“Al Qaeda is a very serious and persistent threat, but I trust the U.S. military to protect us from future attacks. I cannot say the same about President Obama and his Justice Department,” he wrote.

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4 Replies to “Allen West: Eric Holder ‘bigger threat to our Republic’ than al Qaeda”

  1. You’ve got to admire Allen West. Not only is he a ‘true’ American but he has seen military action so he has proven his courage. He is also Black so is a thorn in the side of all those ‘liberals’ who accuse the Republicans of being racist because they don’t like Obama (not that they acknowledge this – to most Leftists, West is an Uncle Tom, a ridiculous expression if ever there was one).

    Allen West is also intelligent, fearless and outspoken. He is not afraid of Marxism nor does he bow down to Islam as I believe that he understands both well enough to know the stupid games that they play.

    I also believe that Allen West symbolizes the real spirit of the slave that Republicans wanted to free, a man who is equal to all others in the eyes of God, and a man who is not to be judged by his skin colour, but in the true spirit of Martin Luther King, evaluated and assessed only on the basis of his character.

    Allen West scares the shit out of Leftists and that is why they hate him, and why people like me champion him.

  2. He is right, at the moment we in the States must be more worried about our own government then we do the Moslems waging jihad against us.

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