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6 Replies to “Ingrid Carlqvist on EDL Blog-Talk radio today”

  1. Some interesting development in Swiss/EU relations:

    Switzerland enforces new quotas for EU workers
    “Quotas on the number of EU citizens working in Switzerland have come into effect for one year.

    Switzerland, which is not an EU member, says immigration has reached unacceptable levels, with foreigners making up a quarter of the population.

    The Swiss have made a series of deals with the EU on the free movement of people in return for access to European markets.

    The European Commission has warned that the quotas could jeopardise relations…”

  2. WrathofKhan

    Switzerland – which is also part of the Schengen Agreement – has not yet finished with the immigration question. On 9 June, there is to be a referendum supported by the Swiss People’s Party on the Asylum seekers. Amongst other things, it seeks to restrict asylum for close family members of refugees, limiting it to spouses. It also wants to remove benefits from immigrants who have been prosecuted or convicted of criminal offences.

    Separately, there is to be a referendum on a popular initiative against mass immigration which will seek to impose ongoing quotas on immigration, and to remove rights to permanent residence, family reunification and comprehensive benefits for foreigners.

    The effects of the current quota cap are already expected to be significant, showing up in the properly market, where a bank report suggests it could cut the rise in Zurich apartment prices to 3.5 percent this year and 3 percent in 2014.

    Yet, despite this, and confounding all the tranzi arguments about the economy-boosting effects of immigration, the Swiss economy grew 0.6 percent in the first three months of the year, beating expectations and confirming Switzerland’s spot among the soundest economies in struggling Europe.


    In addition, both Germany and France have now told the EU that they are going to impose border controls. The EU is not brave enough to take on Germany, so the EU have gone along with it.

    All this is to take care of immigrants from within the EU. It is of course unsaid that the real concern is from without the EU – that can not be said, as it would conflict with overall Western strategy.

  3. PS

    Though 20% of the residents in Switzerland are foreigners, very few of them have been granted citizenship. Its very difficult to get Swiss nationality as it has very stringent requirements and takes a long time

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