U.S. Dept. of Justice gives unprecedented protection to Mohammedans

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Judicial Watch:

In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.

The move comes a few years after the administration became the first in history to dispatch a U.S. Attorney General to personally reassure Muslims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is dedicated to protecting them. In the unprecedented event, Attorney General Eric Holder assured a San Francisco-based organization (Muslim Advocates) that urges members not to cooperate in federal terrorism investigations that the “us versus them” environment created by the U.S. government, law enforcement agents and fellow citizens is unacceptable and inconsistent with what America is all about.

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3 Replies to “U.S. Dept. of Justice gives unprecedented protection to Mohammedans”

  1. As I have said before “:we in the US have more to fear from the enemy within than any other foe or enemy”.

  2. EEyore

    There already are prosecutions for posting on Twitter or Facebook, what is deemed offensive. The time is coming soon when counter-Jihad blogs will be under pressure as well.

    What is likely to happen is that ISPs will be pressured in various ways, tax is one, to remove the blog.

    So how is one to approach the situation. I believe one can do this.

    Let us look at the situation at this moment in time.

    There is no doubt that Muslims in the West are under enormous pressure due the Boston bombings, and the slaughter of drummer Lee Rigby. The war as far as direct military actions is coming to an end. What the West is after is total victory, and that means to encourage Muslims to leave Islam.

    What worries me is that if outspoken words of a few Westerners leads to violent acts, this will not just incite a cycle of counter acts of violence in the West, as well as against Christians in Islamic countries, but will cause the Muslim community to unite under the “us” vs “them” flag. It will happen here and in the Islamic world. The Islamic world, which has been divided as the “War on Terror” progressed, will also unite. Gone will be the opportunity to win the peace. If we start to behave like Muslims, Muslims will view the West’s ethos as no different from their won. So why should they leave Islam?

    That is why I believe that the authorities all over the West, are doing the right thing- giving special protection to individual such as Anjem Chaudary, mosques and Islamic institutions. The recipients are themselves are not the target though they benefit, but ordinary Muslims who are standing on the side.

  3. Obama and the left are trying to start a civil war, if they manage to start one they will be very surprised how it turns out.

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