Attacking Sydney’s ‘enclaves of Islam’

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Daniel Nalliah
Daniel Nalliah with Christian supporters / Pic: David Caird Source: The Daily Telegraph

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Miranda’s Devine search for Allah in the west

Devine Lakemba Mosque

A CONTROVERSIAL anti-Islamic political leader who says he is prepared to die for his cause has denied he is inflaming violence with a talk about “Muslim enclaves” at Blacktown tonight.

Police are on alert for the speech by Rise Up Australia Party national president Daniel Nalliah at the town’s RSL and have warned Mr Nalliah and the local community to say nothing that “might incite violent or criminal behaviour”.

Mr Nalliah said yesterday “gutless politicians” had to stop “pussy footing” around the issue of “Muslims taking over whole suburbs and turning them into no-go zones”.

He said his “patriotic” views had led to several death threats and the machete murder of a British soldier in a London street last week was in the forefront of his mind.

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“I’m not going to back off,” Mr Nalliah said yesterday.

“If I have to get killed for this cause, I’m willing to do that for the sake of the future of our children.”

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3 Replies to “Attacking Sydney’s ‘enclaves of Islam’”

  1. Will sombody tell miranda devine that her “allah” does not live in the West,…he is DEAD,…as DEAD as DEAD can get, and when he was here, he lived in the PITS not in the West.!!!

  2. Quote from then link, “We would remind people that care must be taken so nothing is said that may incite violent or criminal behaviour.”

    The trouble is that one can be as peaceful and respectful, but Muslim will always riot and kill. That would, in the eyes of the law, put Daniel Nalliah in breach of the law.

  3. Once again fighting for the west and Christianity are illegal because it may upset the Moslems and the left.

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