Known Islamic extremist is arrested over attempted murder of French soldier in ‘Woolwich copycat attack’

Two things about this.

1. If not the papers, at least WE have to remember that this was not a “Radical extremist” that’s the enemy narrative. He was a religious muslim.

2. No, its not a copycat. Its small cell terror.

Daily Mail:

  • Unnamed 22-year-old’s home was raided by anti-terror police this morning
  • Suspect has been hitherto known only for ‘minor acts of delinquency’
  • Victim Cedric Cordiez was discharged from hospital on Monday
  • He was slashed in his neck and throat last Saturday in La Defense, Paris

By Peter Allen

PUBLISHED: 02:52 EST, 29 May 2013 | UPDATED: 03:49 EST, 29 May 2013


Arrested: A policeman leads the suspect in last week's attack on a soldier in Paris's La Defense district into custody this morningArrested: A policeman leads the suspect in last week’s attack on a soldier in Paris’s La Defense district into custody this morning

A known radical Islamist was today arrested on suspicion of attempting to murder a French soldier.

The home of the 22-year-old, who has not been named, was raided by armed anti-terrorist police in La Verriere, a commuter town near Versailles, in the early hours of the morning.

Images of him are thought to have been caught on CCTV around the time of Saturday’s attack in Paris’s La Defense business district.

It saw Cedric Cordiez, a 23-year-old soldier, receiving wounds to the throat and neck as a man plunged a sharp instrument into him.

The French ambush happened just three days after British soldier Lee Rigby was allegedly hacked to death by two Islamists near Woolwich barracks in south London – prompting fears of a copycat attack.

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One Reply to “Known Islamic extremist is arrested over attempted murder of French soldier in ‘Woolwich copycat attack’”

  1. I’m confident that Islam’s days are numbered. Many Muslims in the West and in the Islamic world, must be wondering about Islam. It has not given them power and wealth as promised. It hasn’t given them victory but continuous military defeats. There is no respite from the “eye for eye” ethos -Muslims are being killed in the hundreds due to Islamic tit for tat attacks, or to drone attacks. The economy, what there is, is going down the tubes, food shortages and even famine is possible. Education has gone down the drains as well. This is what Islam has brought them.

    Suffice for the moment, that the war on “Terror” is proceeding quite well – better then I expected.

    Bear in mind that the military war on Terror is already won. Attacks such as at Woolwich and Fort Hood, are merely the last gasp flailings of a defeated enemy, like lone Japanese kamikaze fighter in the jungles of Malaysia after the surrender of Japan. What we have to do now is to win the peace.

    Here is something we are going to see more often.

    “Nothing to do with Islam!”


    These kind of visual depictions of Islam are going to be ever more frequent. Islam has never ever come across such an enemy – that is the modern West.

    What I mean by this is that Islam has encountered enemies that they defeat and subjugate, or enemies that fight fire with fire. But the West is an enemy that simply out-guns Islam and defeats it with ease, then turns around and offers a magnanimous hand. Its this kind of arrogant Western mindset that is confusing Islam and its adherents. They cannot comprehend why we as military victors, do not subjugate them as they would have done. The Koran offers guidelines that if the enemy is too strong, to wait a period and then re-start the Jihad. But that is not an option that is available in the 21st century with an enemy such as the West, as we go after them in their home lands. No respite, no Hudna, no hiding place, nothing.

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