Machete attack horror at Accrington barber’s shop

Lancashire Telegraph:

MACHETE wielding thugs have left two men with ‘serious injuries’ after attacking them in an Accrington barber’s shop.

The two victims had been inside the shop in Ormerod Street when four masked men carrying machetes and knives forced their way inside.


Police said they were looking for a gang of Asian men in connection with the attack.

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6 Replies to “Machete attack horror at Accrington barber’s shop”

  1. ‘Asian’ men?
    Here we go again. It must be those stupid Japanese Samurai warriors up to their old tricks again!

  2. They do use machetes for crime in East Asia. But I was unaware that there is a problem with Triads, Yakuza or some other East Asian gang in England. At this point if it were some East Asian or Non-Muslims Indian gang, I am not sure the press would even tell us even that anymore.

    Oh well softly bob has already covered it. Asia is the largest landmass on Earth. So to call the attackers Asian is to say nothing at all. The press told us nothing. No information.

    Except by what they habitually omit.

    East Asia, South Asia Central Asia, south East Asia, south west Asia, it is all the same. Or so the culpable press would have us believe.

  3. I heard it was the HareKrishnas again.
    Actually, as they were masked, how about it being a Mossad black ops to stir up trouble and bring in the police state.

  4. The attacks will increase in violence and numbers as the year grows older, we are facing a very grave crisis and the turning point is nearing.

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