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22 Replies to “Woman arrested in OLDHAM for carrying a UNION FLAG”

  1. In the audio i hear that she was being arrested for the flag. I also heard someone say gutless. I assume that was directed to the police. I heard the word bitch at the tail end. Not sure who that was directed at.

    In the 60s thru the 1980s the big thing was could would wear an American flag as an article of clothing and in what area (such as the seat of you pants). In England you cannot show patriotism in anyway not defined or approved by the fellow traveller or the weak kneed, wild eyed wildebeast politicians.

    I think we would be better off declaring ourselves to all be Muslims. We could be crypto-Muslims and they would not dare to touch us, Then we take care of business and when it is all sorted out we revert to atheism, Hinduism, Christianity or Judaism or whatever. In the the meantime all the Chamberlains, Quislings and such are gone.

  2. Sickening , We never see the Orwellian Police arrest the ‘faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet dressed in their dirty nightshirts’ arrested for carrying those nasty signs insulting the UK and it’s citizens. This is political correctness (i.e. Marxism) at it’s best.

  3. @Red
    Indeed, start your own Islamic sect. However, as we can see in the Schilderswijk, the PC Establishment sides with Salafists against “Moderates”. We can see the same pattern in Syria.This can only work if you are willing to be more ruthless than the Salafists.

  4. When will we see Muslims arrested for carrying the Black Flag of Jihad?

    This is shameful. How do these police officers live with themselves?

  5. The people should have surrounded the police and prevented this arrest,not just stand and watch,for who will come to your aid when this happens to YOU,like dinosaurs watching the meteor that will cause thier extinction ,these people do not seem to have the mental faculties to deduce where this will lead.

  6. @oogenhand

    Yes start on sect, make it “in your face”, cow the liberals. take care of business. It takes a little prep work. You have to give a list of grievance to the liberals real or imagined. You constantly have to shout them down and act or get all angry. After a time of doing that then you escalate.

    Europeans were the same as Arabs … clannish, bloodthirsty, … but something changed.

    A widely quoted Bedouin saying is “I against my brother, my brothers and I against my cousins, then my cousins and I against strangers”. This saying signifies a hierarchy of loyalties based on proximity of kinship that runs from the nuclear family through the lineage, the tribe, and, in principle at least, to an entire genetic or linguistic group (which is perceived to have a kinship basis). Disputes are settled, interests are pursued, and justice and order are maintained by means of this frame” -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedouin

    Maybe one or two genes have changed. Maybe that is is what is necessary fro people to live in close proximity without killing each other. Maybe it is not a gene but a meme.

    I do not think that an industrial society can long survive Islam. I don;t think with Islam mankind has much of a chance of reaching the stars. We’ll all be freaking Bedouins fighting over dustball earth for the last oasis. If perchance we do make it into space the upon 1st contact whatever alien life we meet will eradicate us to preserve itself and they will be justified.

  7. This does not surprise me. This country has been turned on it’s head. The incomers have been allowed to do as they please and the authorities do little or nothing to stop them. The law now works for them and and against us Brits and it will only get worse. My favourite mp Enoch Powell predicted this and was ignored.

  8. “Greater Manchester Police In response to public and private messages about an incident in Oldham Town Centre: GMP did not arrest a pregnant woman during tensions in Oldham yesterday, and no Union Flag was confiscated from her. Chief Superintendent Catherine Hankinson said: “Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, police became aware that a number of people had gathered in Oldham town centre who were shouting and had flags, some of which were provoking passersby. “As a result there were tensions and some minor disorder. “While we will always allow and help facilitate peaceful protest, we felt that the actions of these people threatened our community cohesion, so it was our duty to do all we could prevent tensions from escalating. “Officers dealing with this altercation saw that a woman had a Union Flag and another flag which was highly inappropriate and in our view solely designed to further inflame tensions. “This woman was therefore taken to one side, the second flag was taken from her and she understood that the flag was causing offence. “At no point was she arrested, or did she have her Union Flag confiscated from her.””

  9. How do you know that was the reason for her arrest, just because a bystander said so?? If you look at the ending of the clip you will glimpse that the other side of the flag has writing on it?? Could it be because of what was written on that, in truth NO ONE KNOWS ! Hey but dont let the truth get in the way of of good lynching lol

  10. Red says:
    May 27, 2013 at 4:51 am

    The Golden Rule changed that. But how useful is the Golden Rule. Abortion is killing an innocent child, but large families require wars of aggression. How to overcome that quandary.

  11. Scotty,

    If the writing on the Union Jack says “stop mass immigration” would that be offensive?

    Or how about “language, culture, borders”?

    In the end there is only one culture. The question is what that one will be and how will we get there.

    I prefer people to choose their culture. Most of the time, over time they will choose a good culture.

    Forcing immigration to satisfy plutocrats, a world wide church (why do they need immigration to a particular country when they are world wide?) or hand wringing multi-culturalists is not allowing people to choose. Elections are rigged. So how can you say people chose to do this or that?

  12. Lets keep in mind that jihadis carry the Al Rey, the jihad flag in England very frequently in marches and even that BBC documentary showed it in massive marches in Luton and no one was arrested but British people often are being told to remove English flags, Union Jacks and so on from their windows etc. in the interests of ‘community cohesion’ better known as, surrender to the most violent.

  13. Thank you, to the police for the statement but one has to add, was there a need for a TAU? and such a large number of officers to deal with a pregnant woman?

    The other side of the flag had “No More Mosques” written on it, a pregnant woman with a flag with writing on it, oh my what a threat to public safety.

    Does this not come under “free speech” “freedom of expression”, ia m all for balance and not looking to inflame matters, but, i am sick of the other side of the fence calling our soldiers baby burners, from Muslim extremists,

    these very people are responsible for the deaths of 34,000 people in Pakistan alone since 2003, (http://moderatemuslimvoices.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/how-many-pakistanis-have-died-in-terror.html) no doubt auctioned by the very extremists calling our soldiers baby burners.

    These extremists, calling our country racist, guilty of torture, etc etc, if it is so bad here, why dont they go to the “motherland” they are shouting about so much?

    It was Muslim extremists i.e. the Taliban who shot Malala Yousufzai a 15-year-old Pakistani student, she was shot in the head at point-blank range by Taliban gunman for taking a bold and public stance in support of girls’ education. of course, the UK is so racist but where did she come for medical help, who took her in to nurse her to health, after the bullet was initially removed, the UK at the Birmingham Hospital used for the armed forces.

    So its quite understandable that people feeling get inflamed and despite the statement form the police, would not a couple of community police officers having a sensible chat have achieved the sale result?

    Yours BJ

  14. FFS she was hassled, when Muslims are not for carrying jihadi flags and carrying on.

    So what is not to be upset about?

  15. @ Red, simply saying things from the top of your head doesn’t make them FACT, The story was designed to be sensationalist ” WOMAN ARRESTED FOR CARRYING UNION FLAG” the FACT is SHE WASN’T end of, another non story. If it was true of course I would be bloody upset too but for gods sake stop acting like stupid bloody sheep!!!

  16. @Red. White people simply comply and shut up when told to do so. Muslims cry racism and the authority figures simply melt away……

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