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10 Replies to “FOX 5 on Sweden May 26 2013”

  1. I kinda agree w/what they all said but kinda not. Mainly because Muslims are also acting violently in countries like Burma and other places that I don’t think give them great benefits. I don’t think they have great fancy cars for Muslims to hate them for.

    Or maybe the cars are nice, but what they hate people about, and have anger at them for is for something more basic that they have…life? More freedoms? That would include many other countries including Sweden and Burma, etc.

    I guess what i’m saying is that I wonder if Islam is making them angry.

  2. I guess those buddhists are as violent as those moslems. It is just that at the moment buddhists in myammar have the upper hand and are angry that moslems are not improving their buddhists economic prospects.

  3. All around me, on other blogs and websites, I see that people have punned the obvious ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ jokes.
    It does seem to me however, that the term Stockholm Syndrome, is taking on an entirely new scope. It looks like the ill-fated term was appropriately named, not just first time round, but is apt today.
    Sweden looks destined to be remembered, not for vikings, reindeer, or snowy landscapes but for fear and denial.

  4. Everywhere in the western world, the leading muslims have no intention of integration – they want to conquer by spreading violence and fear. You have to become aware of this to be able to resist the aggressions. The Swedish politicians keep silent, and the average Swede gets more and more afraid for every day that passes. Exactly according to the muslim plans.

  5. These muslims are sending the message to the Swedish government that “you have no jurisdiction over muslim areas. We do not recognise your law”. And they’re right, of course.

    Further to this, they are now “calming down” with the intervention of “local muslim authorities”. Further evidence for the Swedes that only muslims will be allowed to rule muslim areas. These muslim ‘no-go’ areas are now de jure sharia mini-states.

    What more do the swedes need to know?

  6. You are right, joed, the next step is to create muslim enclaves in the Swedish society.

    What the imams do is nothing but “incitement of crime” according to Swedish (And British!) law. Nail them and send them to jail!

    I don’t feel sorry for the Swedes at all. They have begged for it for many, many, years.

  7. Those moslems have so many predominantly moslems countries in asia, middle east and africa to call home and yet they want to take over Europe.
    Those moslems will never change. Their islamic greed for power have caused so much darkness and backwardness in the world.

  8. All of them have part of the answer, but they are facing the facts. I am also wondering what is happening with Bob Beckel, is he finally getting a clue about the world?

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