Police search for attacker after French soldier stabbing in Paris

Conspicuous lack of description even though they have one.


Oh! Here it is!

Of equal concern, to me at least, is why has France allowed soldiers to patrol areas within France. Based on classical geopolitical and democratic thought this is quite alarming and certainly significant. There are very good reasons that soldiers should not do the work of police. The fact that they are has meaning in terms of sovereignty and the extent to which France has nurtured a viper in her bosom.

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5 Replies to “Police search for attacker after French soldier stabbing in Paris”

  1. The police use to ask for the publics help in locating or apprehending outlaws. I guess that is passe now. The police dare not, can not, or have been order not to describe the suspects one iota.

  2. The use of the Armed Forces of France in operation “Vigipirate”, an anti-terrorist surveillance plan, in effect, acknowledges that France is at war with political Islam.

  3. They are attacking British and French soldiers because they are in muslim countries. But I wonder…

    Are these islamic supremicists really thinking of Afganistan and Mali as the muslim countries that the soldiers are occupying?

    Or are they thinking that BRITON AND FRANCE are the muslim countries that these kufar soldiers are occupying?


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