At least some in Sweden are fighting back


Here are two videos of a protest against the horrible caterwaul from the newly commissioned minaret in Sweden. But I would like to know. Why can’t Swede’s go and play some hard core rock and roll, maybe Abba for example if they don’t have any rock, at high volume whenever this crap starts. Or is disturbing the peace exclusively for Muslims now?

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  1. Thank you for this vitally important blog. The whole world needs to know how we are all being screwed by those who allow these dungheaps into our countries

  2. Steve that will be hard. I am considered ‘extreme’ by my friends ,even though my protests are verbal,I have never advocated violence and I call for secular democratic government with full woman’s rights and the rights for gays and lesbians (apart from marriage) to be upheld. I don’t blame my friends as I was As naive as them once. It took living 5 years in amongst a Pakistani community to start to question my beliefs. This community was fine in many ways but a few events pricked my interest and admittedly I have changed my live and let live multicultural attitudes. I was f***king thick to think anything different to be honest.

  3. The tragic thing here is that these who are protesting are themselves muslims who had flead from people like those who think a this kind of sound polution is something important so it must be present in every country. The funny thing is that some leftist wowed that they wold disturb this protest (I guess with rocks as usual) but when they heard that these were muslims they canceled the protest against the protest. In such peoples minds they would become “islamophobes” if they protest against muslims. 😀

  4. It takes a lot of courage to fight against the power elite, all resistance movements start small and if they are lucky grow to the point where people have to pay attention to them. Keep up the fight.

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