USA: Muslim woman tries to poison Starbuck’s orange juice in San Francisco

Story here:

We have covered the leftist-Islamic alliance against Starbucks at Vlad many times. Enough that there is a category called, ‘War on Starbucks’ and managers of various Starbucks stores have told me in confidence other events that were not publicized. Not of this nature but various kinds of interference in normal operations. I am only surprised that this is as rare as it is.


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10 Replies to “USA: Muslim woman tries to poison Starbuck’s orange juice in San Francisco”

  1. Who knows? Maybe she was setting Starbucks up for a lawsuit later on. As far as Jihad goes, rubbing alcohol wouldn’t kill anybody – all she’s done is create screwdrivers. But, you know what? That could definitely be Jihad – Stupid Jihad – but Jihad nonetheless. And next time, it could be one of those brilliant young science students, and he might know exactly how to deploy botulism or ricin or something. People should be told about this stuff so they can make up their own minds…

  2. On the other hand, if publicizing this costs starbucks $50$ dollars in sales and a bunch of closed stores we did the terrorists work for them.

  3. Chris – sorry to contradict you, but you are thinking of Ethyl Alcohol when you refer to screwdrivers – that’s the alcohol humans can drink. Rubbing Alcohol is Propyl Alcohol which is even more toxic than Wood Alcohol (Methyl Alcohol). Methyl will make you very sick and possibly blind, but Propyl will put you in a pine box.
    Bitch was trying to kill an infidel.

  4. Killing americans. They want to injure or kill americans. They become heroes in the Muslim world for any deeds against Americans. It is time to start deporting all of these people.

  5. @Blind Druid

    Yeah, you’re right. I thought it was just ethyl with some oil added, but nope, it’s poisonous. She was performing Jihad in the cause of Allah, in the hopes of improving her chances of getting into Paradise.

  6. It is time to start deporting all of these people. But who will deport them? Democracies are sworn enemies of their own citizens. Have you ever seen a democracy doing something in accordance with common sense? No. What are Muslims in huge numbers doing here in America?

  7. The West is at war with Islam. The proof is that the entire Western world invaded Afghanistan. Never was such Western unity. Of course our politicians deny it vehemently, which they must to keep the Islamic word divided.

    Phase 2 involves destabilising friendly Muslim leaders such as Mubarak ,and handing over the country to al Qaeda or worse. The worse they are, the better as far as the West is concerned.

    Unfortunately for them, Muslim nations can not admit that they are being invaded, for that would be deeply shameful to any Muslim, so they keep quite.

    This leaves the ordinary Muslim in Muslim lands and in the West, no option but to do what he/she can to resist. We must accept this situation, as we are at war, and are creating havoc in Muslim countries.

    Unfortunately for Muslims in the West, in phase 3, the focus of war will move to the West itself.

  8. Individual jihad is the coming wave of jihad, our security forces are catching too many of the group planned attacks, that leaves individual jihad to continue the war.

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