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3 Replies to “John Stewart. Requiem for the American dream”

  1. Obama seems to be in a pretty tight spot here. Good to see Stewart humor at full power again now that he is delivering the punches

  2. Did you notice that Stewart is soft-pedalling the one truly important issue – Benghazi – as he tears into Obama over the other stuff? All John is really upset about is the fact that the “tinfoil-hatters” in the Republican party have been some given ammunition, not that Obama is the bum that he actually is. This is a good start though. It’s Benghazi that really matters, and if Stewart can get that through his head, we may live to see Barack Obama impeached and Mr. Biden sitting as the POTUS.

    And, God. I felt genuinely hurt when I saw, “You have been blacklisted from this site” written on my screen. Did Eeyore become a sudden Marxist?

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