Links and news for May 17 2013

1. EDL Blog talk interviews author and operator of Gates of Vienna, Barron Bodissey

2. BBC makes sophomoric ad-hominem attack on Nigel Farage

3. British Justice Minister insists the foxes must guard the hen house. That this is a fox problem of white infidel sex-slavery and therefore the foxes must sort it out. In other news, the English NHS instructed the HIV virus that they would have to deal with AIDS as it was HIV that causes AIDS and therefore it would be up to them to stop it.

4. Story of how 11 year old middle class British girl was sold into white slavery to muslim gangs.

5. But is it halal? Mid easterners stow away into England in food trucks. (I would be very careful about where I got my food these days as the inside of a tanker has no bathroom) and once there, are assisted to how to claim asylum and benefits.

6. Muslim cabbie gets 8 years for rape. 

7. Amazing video of hearings on the grotesque and totalitarian IRS scandal

8. Blackburn mosque teacher attacks pupils.

9. Canadian province of Manitoba makes learning all subjects a gay extravaganza

10. Danish video. Religion Vs. free speech.

(This video gets nearly everything wrong but it is still interesting)

Thank you to all of you who sent this material in. M, Don, Richard, Rita and all. Thank you.

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  1. “Canadian province of Manitoba makes learning all subjects a gay extravaganza”

    It certainly is evil.

    It is not reading writing, arithmetic & toleration.

    It is reading writing, arithmetic,… wait forget about those, it is about gay glorification.

  2. VANCOUVER – BC -Huge mosque to open on Delta’s River Road

    Grand opening set for Saturday as long journey for Ahmadiyya Movement results in 33,000-square-foot facility

    METRO VANCOUVER — Thousands are expected to attend the grand opening Saturday in Delta of one of Canada’s biggest mosques.

    Dignitaries, including elected officials, will also be on hand for the opening ceremony of Baitur Rahman, or House of Gracious God, a grand mosque for the Ahmadiyya Sect of Islam.

    Located at 9750 River Rd., the mosque, which covers 33,000 square feet and has a 76-foot minaret, is to be a central point for prayers, meetings as well as social and religious interfaith gatherings. A gymnasium is also part of the complex.

    With an occupancy capacity of 1,100 people, the structure has a contemporary, modular design with clean, straight-edge lines aimed complementing the surrounding scenery.

    The new mosque is similar, but smaller in scale, to a stunning 48,000-squarefoot facility the Ahmadiyya opened in Calgary in 2008, Canada’s largest mosque complex.

  3. Armed groups bomb Libyan military posts in Benghazi

    Armed groups attacked military posts in Libya’s second city Benghazi with bombs and a rocket-propelled grenade, an army commander said on Saturday.

    No one was hurt in the four overnight attacks on three Benghazi army posts, said the military commander, Hamed Belkhair. Homemade bombs were thrown in three of the attacks and a rocket-propelled grenade was fired in the fourth, he said.

    The army had sent extra forces to the eastern city after a car laden with explosives blew up near a hospital there on Monday, killing three people. Attacks on police stations have become a frequent occurrence in recent weeks.

    “The national army is being subjected to these attacks because they are doing a great job of cleaning the city of criminals’ shelters,” said Belkhair.


    Bomb wounds Libyan soldier at Benghazi checkpoint

    BENGHAZI — A drive-by bomb attack on a checkpoint in the heart of Libya’s restive second city of Benghazi slightly wounded a soldier early on Saturday, a security official told AFP.

    “A bomb was thrown from a car at an army checkpoint at the Dubail crossroads in the centre of Benghazi,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    “The attack was carried out at around 2 am (2400 GMT Thursday),” the official said, adding that the identity of the assailants was not known.

    […]on Friday, a bomb apparently targeting troops guarding an empty school building caused damage but no casualties.

  5. Anti Erdogan protests in Turkey today :

    Turkish protesters clash with police in bomb-hit border town

    Reyhanli, Turkey (CNN) — Protesters in a Turkish border town hit by a twin car-bombing a week ago clashed with police Saturday, as they voiced anger over the government’s response to the attack

    The protest Saturday began relatively peacefully but descended into chaos as running street clashes broke out with police.

    Protesters threw rocks and bottles at the police, who responded by firing tear gas canisters and high-pressure paintballs. Officers also brought out a water cannon.

    The crowd chanted calls for Erdogan and the government to resign.

  6. Chaos in Turkey as police use tear gas and water cannons to put down rioters protesting over Syria

    In Istanbul, protesters faced police force in the European side of the city

    This followed a day of tear gas and water cannons in Ankara

    The protesters oppose Turkey’s support for Syrian rebels in the civil war

  7. I’ve had it with this blog. I won’t be re-visiting.

    You are just playing to the christian/neo-nazis amongst your readers by attacking tolerance towards gay people. Those who enjoy ostracising gay people might as well conver to islamo-fascism. Your story about Manitoba has nothing to do with fighting islamisation.

    You are as bad as Queers for Palestine.

  8. I’m sorry you feel that way.

    There is a difference between posting a story on what appears to be an over-the-top forcing of homosexual issues on school children through the public school board and opposing gay rights. We are certainly for equal rights for gay people and as Geert WIlders so often says, the protection of gay people from persecution either by government or by any group most notably muslims in today’s demography.

    But I can understand your frustration. Even so, I am sorry you feel that way. If it matters to you, you should know that I have posted on issues where schools have forced Christian, Jewish or any other irrational thing on people for political purposes. Even when it took place in Israel for example.

    I don’t like totalitarianism of any kind. Islam is the totalitarian instrument of the left at this stage. But it isn’t the only one. Try and get a classically liberal perspective in a gay publication talking about the threat by Islam to the gay community. You will know what I mean then.

    ‘Identity politics and the far-left narrative uber alles’

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