Antisemitism links May 10 2013

1. I try not to post everything I see on antisemitism. For one thing, its not the principle focus of this site. But for another, like any other act of barbarity by Muslims one must be reasonably certain that the act in question is inspired or at least influenced by muslim dogma/culture to be an issue.

In other words, when an antisocial act is committed as a crime its quite another thing than when it is a manifestation of ideology. A key point our Western legislators seem to choose not to recognize when it concerns islam.

Recently however, a number of articles have appeared which are of consequence, both in the ‘Jews are the canaries in the coal mine’ way as well as a general issue of islamic reshaping of the global paradigm of racism and attitudes.

This first one, and by no means the most alarming one, is on islamic antisemitism in Denmark. However I would like to answer the bearded apologist interviewed at the end of this clip that, as I am sure he actually knows, Israel and ‘Zionism’ is a mere totem for Islamic Jew hatred. That the Islamic thirst for Jewish genocide predates the modern state of Israel right to the speeches of Mohamed where he encouraged his swollen band of pirates to slaughter the Jews of Yathrib and take the joint over.

2. Next, a highly disturbing documentary from Canada about the global resurgence of antisemitism. This is part 1 of I think, 4 parts. As it was broadcast in Ontario Canada and then webcast but I think only for Canadians, it cannot yet be seen outside that region. But a quick torrent search showed that someone made it available world wide should you be familiar with bit-torrenting. It is a very disturbing hour of video. Expect several more hours of it over the rest of May.

3. This clip from Lebanese TV broadcast April 13 2013 and posted to MEMRI yesterday has quite the diatribe.

4. Lastly, this Israeli made documentary on modern antisemitism. I haven’t watched it past the first few minutes. There is only so much a person can take in a day. I will get to it at some point.

5. Dutch Jews increasingly vulnerable

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  1. Antisemitism increases prior to major wars, in this case the entire war is centered around antisemitism and antiwestern values.

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