Man Charged in NY Had Connections to Canadian Terror Suspects


NBC New York:

By Jonathan Dienst

|  Thursday, May 9, 2013  |  Updated 2:43 PM EDT

Man Charged in NY Linked to Canadian Terror Suspects

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Amtrak service is suspended between Boston and New York.

NYC Trains Possibly Scouted in Canada Terror Plot
NYC Trains Possibly
Scouted in Canada…

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A Tunisian man has been charged in New York for lying about his work visa because he wanted to facilitate “an act of terrorism” and authorities say he had connections to the thwarted terror plot that involved derailing a passenger train near the Canadian border.

Federal prosecutors said Thursday that the man has ties to the two suspects arrested recently in what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said was an “al-Qaida-supported” plot.

Law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York that Ahmed Abassi met with the Canadian terror suspects and may have helped to radicalize them. The charges Thursday said he lied about his visa documents in an effort to “facilitate an act of international terrorism.”

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