Two removed from Saudi diplomatic mansion in McLean after human trafficking accusations

Now at last I understand this.

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Thursday – 5/2/2013, 9:23am  ET


Suspected slavery at diplomatic mansion

WTOP’s Michelle Basch reports from McLean.


slaves in saudi diplomatic mission in USA     

MCLEAN, Va. – Two domestic workers have been removed from a diplomatic mansion in McLean following accusations they were being held like slaves.

The gated compound on Orris Street is owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Armed Forces Office, according to real estate records.

A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tells WTOP agents responded to the home Tuesday night and removed the two possible victims of domestic servitude. Fairfax County police also were called in to help.

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One Reply to “Two removed from Saudi diplomatic mansion in McLean after human trafficking accusations”

  1. It’s in the blood. The Koran endorses slavery. Saudi Arabia didn’t officially abolish slavery until 1962, and not because of their own wrangling of conscience but because of pressure from us in the West.
    Of course you can train a dog to sit, but it will still steal jump on the table and eat your dinner when it thinks that nobody is looking.
    Like trained but vicious dogs, the Saudis like all the other Musloid freaks will only let you house-train them when there are doggy biscuits to give. As soon as your back is turned they’ll shit on the carpet like any other stray. The Saudis have been given endless biscuits ever since we discovered their oil for them, and we’re still patting them on the head and giving them biscuits today.
    But wait until the master of the house falls on his backside, the doggies will jump on him in a shot, either mauling him or mounting and dry-humping him, whichever fulfills their need at the time.
    It just goes to show that you can take the Muslim out of the shit but you can’t take the shit out of the Muslim!

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