Mosques are the battleground of the war between Islam and the West

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Mosques are the Battleground of the War between Islam and the West
by Enza Ferreri

“We don’t debate unprofessional councillors, unprincipled journalists, and self-righteous community organizers; we turn the tables on them”: this is how British planning lawyer Gavin Boby, also known as the “mosque buster”, describes the activity of his organization, the Law And Freedom Foundation. He uses the law to stop the building of mosques in the UK by demonstrating to local councils that the building of a mosque or an Islamic centre is actually in violation of British law. And he succeeds: the count so far is 16 victories out of 17 cases.

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  1. It should have not been allowed to be rushed through because of a shortage of time,it should have been shelved again till enough time was allocated for debate to discuss the finer and negative issues,as the Man said it raises a lot of concerns,and these concerned people have a right to be heard, you always smell a RAT when somebody wants to rush things through as the Chairperson did, conclusion – ONE BIG FIX.

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