Bill Maher hosts a discussion on whether or not the US is a police state.

I think the point is missed though. In a democracy, the military cannot be deployed at home and against one’s own people. It is a central tenet of a liberal democracy. Making the police into the military smells like a work around to me.

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3 Replies to “Bill Maher hosts a discussion on whether or not the US is a police state.”

  1. The woman ask are we moving to a military state, is she really so uneducated that she doesn’t know that a military state and a police state are the same thing?

    Yes we are on the road to a police state, that is one reason they are pushing gun control, in a police state only the police and the privileged elite have guns.

  2. If the police really fired all those bullets at the boat in which he was hiding, there’s no way he could have come out alive. Is this a parody?

  3. It is ignorance not a parody, Mahr is miss labeling a lot of things through ignorance, including taking video of the shoot out where the older brother was killed and calling it shooting at the boat. The vehicles he calls half tracks are hummers.

    If they had fired at the boat that many times the houses on the other side of the boat would have been destroyed.

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