Salafist Surge: Germany faces extremist Islamic threat

I must take issue with one thing said in this video however.

It isn’t that these symbols are “extremely offensive to Muslims”. These are adults that understand our culture as well as we. The issue is that muslims wish to control what the rest of us may say or do, and force us all to submit to sharia norms. That their symbols must be treated a certain way by us while they are free to treat the same ones and for that matter, ours, in any way they see fit.

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2 Replies to “Salafist Surge: Germany faces extremist Islamic threat”

  1. If those paedophile lovers don’t like western symbols then tough. I don’t like Islamic symbols either. in fact I don’t like Islam.

  2. The Moslems are pushing hard to prove that even the moderate Moslems will refuse to assimilate into a western society.

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